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Do Fraxel results vary by physician?

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Hey guys does anyone know if the best possible fraxel results vary by the doctor who performs it? Is it the same outcome no matter who does the procedure? I have some icepick scarring and I plan to have fraxel done before the end of the year... Within the last 2 years i've had two different doctors who each do fraxel. One is a flashy Dr. with a PhD, and other great credentials, who charges $2000 for 8 treatments over a month's span. And than there's the low key humble doc I who I go to now and only charges $800 (not sure for how many sessions though). Don't know who I should go with... the expensive but proven Dr or the less expensive old timer? Any advice anyone? :think:

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To me it seems logical that one Dr. can perform this better than another. It's like surgery; there are definitely doctors who are better surgeons than others. If I had to choose, I would save up my money and go with the doctor that has proven credentials. This is because :

a) I don't want to waste my time with a lousy doctor

b) I don't want to waste money that could have gone towards a better doctor

c) I want it done right the first time, instead of going through a headache

So if you're like me, you know what to choose! :surprised:

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Before I choose a doc for a treatment I ask if they are Board certified in Laser Surgery, and I ask to see the pictures of their own patients that they have personally treated. Then I can see what kind of results they can achieve with one or more treatments.

If they do not have these kind of pictures they have not been performing the procedure for very long or they do not care about the results.

My friends have had many Fraxel treatments with little to no results.

They tried the Pixel and had noticed results with the very first treatment.

I had it too, and it is does not hurt so the doctor can use a high effective setting.

I heard that the Fraxel hurts too much when the doctor use the high setting he needs to get results.

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i would say yerse.......

if they don't know their stuff and different skin types then they could turn the treatment up too high and maybe burn you......or they could not give it enough strength and you'll have no result.

so .... yerse....

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About laser treatments, I have read that it's better to find a doc who is a board-certified plastic surgeon, or even better, a board certified aesthetic plastic surgeon, because they have had extensive training in the specialty.

There are a lot of docs out there who have no training in dermatology at all, but they buy a laser hoping to make lots of money by jumping on the "medspa" bandwagon--a VERY lucrative business. For example, there's an opthalmologist in my town who's now doing IPL and laser skin treatments. What does he know about skin? He's an eye doctor! Most likely got the laser for doing Lasik, but now it's like, Hey! what else can I use my new toy for? Let's try this...

Any doc can go to a weekend training seminar on use of the laser, or even take an online course with no hands-on training at ALL, and then go out and use the laser on people's faces. I dunno about you, but I'm not willing to trust my face to anyone who's just "tinkering."

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Yeah the problem is with the laser manufacturers, they dont care if the person theyre selling it to is a derm or a PS as long as the doctor is a MD. BUT thats not to say a person with less credits may do a worse job vs someone higher up, experience is very important too.

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