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wats up just thought id share. anyway i had a very red face most of the time from BP and differrin combo. my advice is get a dark tan and then the redness wont be very noticable itll just blend in with the tan. worked for me anyway. although it kinda gets worse to start with eventually it looks so much better. another good thing is (well for me anyway) i blush very easily and as people who blush know just blushing makes u blush even more because i guess ur embarressed that u actually are blushing so u get even redder. with a dark tan my blushing isnt all that noticable and because i dont worry about blushing anymore it happens no where nere asmuch as it used to.

anyways i guess it might not work for everyone, my skin is weird if i dont go in the sun im very very pale but when i do i tan very easily and get very dark almost to the point where it looks like ive got naturally darker skin or a very olive complexion. theres no in between for me its weird. and i know people are gonna say its bad for u but u dont need to tan alot to maintain the tan. granted u gotta go a fair bit to get a dark tan, once ur there u dont need to keep tanning to keep it. i go in the solarium once a week maybe less and i stay prety brown

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You're right to an extent. Tanning hides the redness of the skin and blends it so it looks even tone.

Of course when you mention tanning such as organic tanning or synthetic tanning you also have to consider many health risks too. With that in mind it's probably a terrible idea for anyone to do these two methods.

Thankfully people realized this a long time ago and even made a medication for it. It's a nifty little thing called Melanotan. For the most part it's a medication you inject intravenously once or so a day and it makes you tan. It's still kinda sketchy as it's not been approved by the FDA; although it's gotten pretty great reviews and results from people who've tried it.

I don't know all that much about it, only the basics, so if you're interested here are some fun links:






Video: http://www.clinuvel.com/IRM/content/images/EpiTan_high.wmv

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Thanks for that link. I overheard it in 06, but didn't think it was actually going around already. I read through the site quite a bit and seems legit, with minimal sides as well. If I do plan to try it, ill be sure to post back. Hopefully more of you will read into it, seems good.
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