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omg wtf please respond

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so my skin had virtually cleared up...then i wake up this morning to this huge red bump on my cheek, a couple hours later another, later today, another...they feel like mosquito bites...is this an allergic reaction or something? im so confused and so upset

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How long have you been on accutane?... and have you had an initial breakout already?

Could just be an allergic reaction to something you ate?... did you eat anything out of the ordinary in the last 12 hours?

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thats why im so worried im technically supposed to be done w/ 5 months in 4 days...and haven't broken out in like over a month

i don't think i've eaten anything weird...

but you can't just get random zits like within a couple hours right?

ahh im freaking out

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I've had something similar in the past week. It was really painful. I got some advice from here to put some ice on it and it really helped. Try doing that.

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Hey cici

Yeh i got that a few days ago... its not really a pimple. just some insect bite or allergy, its gone now. just try not to touch it or u get a scab there... since your skin is thin now its easy to be scatch. try Hydrocortisone cream... i used it on those bumps and rashed, seem to work well... all the best!

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thanks...i think its going down a little, so hopefully they'll be gone in a couple days..

its just so annoying i was like 90% clear and then this...so discouraging, but yeah...

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