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What worked for me

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I'm 15 right now about to turn 16. I've tried A LOT of things. I'm asian with really oily yet very very gentle skin. I got acne in the 3rd grade, and it sucked. I have it really bad, I would have my parents and family members comment on my skin all the time so trust me I know the struggle.

Products that didn't work on me:

Retina Micro


Nature's Natural Cure

Neutrogena stuff

Most over the counter things

Dan Kern's Regimen

I could go on but I can't think of anymore.

My acne started clearing up when I bought Clinique's acne cure line. Even thought this isn't what did the job let me say that I would recommend any female out there to but there face set. It last FOREVER I bought the 3-step system and I still have the toner yet today. And I used them generously too. The lotion lasted me about...4-5 months? The face wash lasted about...6-7 months? I used everything at least twice a day. It might seem pricey at first, but you save SO MUCH more money because they last so long.


Fish Oil Capsules

I'm not an expert at all what so ever. But I would just like to share the product that changed my life. At first I just took them to help my hair growth. But fish oil has many benefits, and it ended up clearing ALL my face. I have bacne too, it didn work on that. But my face has improved LOTS. I had acne scars, the white bubbles, the small bubbles. I have everything all over. I didn't really have one area that had acne. It was just all over the place. I don't really have any before pictures because I didn't expect this to happen, and I don't like keeping pictures of my face looking like a pizza. I hope yall give this a try, it did wonders for me, I'm hoping that it does the same for you.

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I started taking fish oil caps as a supplement to my weight lifting (fish oil caps are a pretty much essential supplement for serious weight lifters), but I dunno, I guess it has helped me some.

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When it comes to taking pills, I don't trust most places. I like all natural things. So I buy all my junt from iherbs. It all natural herbs, the pricing fits into my low budget, and the shipping is pretty good.

I'll type it how it's on my bottle. I take 6 fish oil capsules every day. I take 2 at a time. The bottle says you can take 1-2 at a time, up to 3 times and day. So whatever your size is it could be different. I would recommend starting off small first, let your body adjust to it, then adjust your dosage as you feel like. The brands is NOW. It says Omega-3 on the front. Comes with 180 softgel pills.

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