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Your [Short] Diet [Experiences]

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Hi all,

There's often a lot of confusion about whether things such as chocolate make a difference to how our skin looks. Some say it causes spots, others say its just a wives tale and its fine to eat and this isn't your average Joes.. its your magazines and dermatologists!

Then a lot of people advise various foods, vitamins, supplements. I think the fact is that nothing quite works that well - otherwise we wouldn't all be here!

What this post is a mildly drunken post about is what to AVOID and a little bit about what helps. All derms are pretty much set around prevention rather than the cure so maybe we can help each other out in the avoidance area.

For a long time I've thought that chocolate was bad for my skin. So much so that - despite as a youngster I ate LOADS of it now, - I don't care for it at all. If its offered I refuse it and genuinely am not interested in eating it. My mindset has changed from loving the stuff to just having no interest in it at all. I now only eat chocolate when I'm hungry and have no other choice or get some for Xmas :)

I've tried lots of patches where I've eaten certain "sweet" foods and stopped for some reason, but I've recently found that some things definately DO affect my skin.

The main culprit for me is crisps (chips to you Americans)!

I went through a period at work where I'd have a nice bag of McCoys Beef crisps at about 11am each day and EVERY time I would feel my skin got more oily minutes after eating. This could only be the ingredients in the food or the movement in the skin caused by eating the crisps. This made is quite obvious that something may be wrong there.

Anyway... I moved into my new house about 2 months ago and went about 6-7 weeks without eating any crisps. I had a slow, but steady improvement. New acne (which I was getting every 1-2 days) slowed to every 3-5 days.

Last week I decided to buy a multi-pack bag of wotsits (cheesy puff things :P) whilst shopping. For 3 days I ate between 1 and 3 packs a day. IMMEDIATELY I got hit with breakouts, with the third day being the worst where I had 7 new whiteheads over night.

For the last 3 days I left the remaining bags of crisps. I had maybe 2 new spots on the 1st of these days and nothing since & a decent improvement of my acne.

My conclusion is that something in the crisps is DEFINATELY a catalyst for acne. I think its not the whole thing, since different crisps have this affect whilst others don't (Hula Hoops seem to be ok for both oil and acne).

Has anyone had similar experiences with other foods (Personally.. not just what they've read about)? Perhaps there may be an ingredient that we can find that is very nasty to our skin & we can attempt to avoid it.

On the other side... I found my best period for skin was when I was at university. I was a lazy git and stayed in bed as long as I could before going to lectures. This led me to eat an apple on the way to uni every day. I consistently find that if I eat 1 or more apples a day... after 2 weeks the apples seem to kick in & my acne improves.

Strangely, I struggle to keep this up (although I'm trying now).. my main prob is that apples always seem to be battered or bruised and then I don't want to eat them :P

Please also offer your positive food experiences.


My thinking behind this is that if crisps can Clearly be bad for you, then some foods must be good for you (but, as always, to a lesser extent). Food may be an issue for me since I eat almost no vegetables at all and never have done. I eat meat & fish & some fruit. I am physically in very good condition, was all-round superb at athletics during my school years & have not had any illness (excluding colds) for over 3 years. Never missed a day off work.

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low saturated fat as much as possible

low sodium as much as possible

low omega 6 as much as possible (this includes all cooking oils)

no simple carbs, ever, not even after a workout

lots of fatty fish or fish oil supplementation

lots of fiber (fibrous grains, legumes, apples, etc.)

lots of water

lots of vitamin A/beta-carotene (carrots, tomatoes, etc.)

source of sulfur (onions, broccoli, spinach, etc.)

vegetables overall seem to be more nutrient dense than most fruits

as for apples i agree with your statement, the soluble fibre they provide really make a difference in your regularity day to day

from the name of that snack you have there i'm guessing:

high in saturated fat

high in sodium

high in simple carbs

and other assorted additives/preservatives which a digestive system doesn't like

and derms are the same as everyone else in the medical community, suppress a symptom with a treatment instead of looking at the root cause (prevention) because...money makes the world go round

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