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starting my accutane journey

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Day 1

Oh finally i m started on my accutane journey.....feels awesome!! Just took my first pill with a side of salmon and cheese sandwich and chocolate.....fatty food :razz: obviously dont feel anything....in the evening will be going to get my creams and other stuff for dryness from walmart....right now one active pimple on my chin..some old acne marks...blocked pores....redness due to BP....and lot of oiliness!!

wanted to what do u guys eat with ur pills....i cant really think of many things i eat that are fatty??? also should i start moisturizing my face at night too??? is Aquaphor ointment fine?

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Hi cymbeline!

Good luck on your Accutane journey!... I read your post on abner's log about clogged pores. You said your sister had them too and they went away with Accutane? Did they just disappear with no problems or did they actually grow into larger pimples before the disappeared?

Anyway, keep us posted on your progress!


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HI there!

Congrats on starting!!

Something to eat them with.. avocado...nuts... um... a cookie? hehe

I'm currently taking them with anything..because my schedule is crazy..

I try to make sure that there is at least some fat in there somewhere ;)

I carry a pill case with me now..so no matter where I go, I have the meds with me ready to pop them in.

Definitely start with the lotion and lots of water.. You're going to feel you mouth and lips dry up first. So prepare w/ Carmex or something..

I have Carmex stashed Everywhere!

My treatment was very textbook.. I got about every side effect.. so if you want to see what happens you know where to look. ;)

I love EUCERIN calming cream. It's been the best!

Good Luck and keep us posted! hehe

If you have ANY questions feel free to write or message me.

See u!! :dance:

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