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anyone with tane burn...

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Do you guys have a rash that goes along your arms and shoulders? Chest. It seemsl ike it comes and goes, but its red, and blotchy like a rash...and if u touch your skin, does it reactl ike a sun burn? AHHHH. Im thinking about taking a liquid detox to maybe help get the medicine out of my system faster? I wonder if that will work?

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I cant see it really but my arms get extremely itchy on the outsides. moisturizer helps a bit. feels like tiny shards of mental are in my skin and i want to scratch until i bleed cold.

Hey hows your face doing? i didnt workout for a couple days and the redness almost went away. Sucks that doing something good for myself makes my skin worse.

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that rash isn't the same thing as tane burn. i think you probably need some topical steroid to clear up the rash.

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i get that rash.. its from the dryness

if i apply eucerin calming creme everyday the rash goes away in no time, like 2-3 days. But if i skip a day or two of applying the creme (its like a lotion, it feels good and sinks in quickly so it doesnt feel gross. It is scent free too) then the rash comes back.

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yeah i got it off and on the first two months on accutane, it hurt soooo bad especially because it was mid-winter so it made it worse. they were really bad on the backs on my hand and it seemed like if i put lotion on it, it made it burn worse. oh well they're completly gone now and the places it were are really soft.

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