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Accutane (Round 3)

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My sotry is probably typical. I've had severe cystic ance since frosh year in high school (1994.) I used antibiotics, creams, etc...until my Dr. put me on Accutane in 1996. At that point the problem areas were my face, chest, and back. She had told me I'd only need it once so when I was done I was obviously happy and thought everything was OK. I then began to get breakouts on my face about 2 weeks after that and had to go back on antibiotcs, again. Around the year 2000 I was in college and was OK on the face and chest but my back broke out severely. I don't know why this happened but I had no choice but to go on Round 2 of Accutane. This time I was a little more hesitant because you're not supposed to to go on Accutane and consume alcohol during the treatment. Being in college at a fun school and living in my frat house made this a difficult decision. But I decided to go through with it and again it worked great. A 5 month course had been completed but I was obviously not very optimistic I was "cured" this time due to the last result. I got some minor breakouts after a few weeks and had to go back on antibiotics, again! ....blah, blah, blah, 7 years go by and I'm doing OK. The face is never really a problem and the back is fine but my chest seems to be increasingly breaking out with cysts. I let this go on for 2 yrs (until now) and could not take it anymore. I went to a new Dr who knew my past and wanted to get me back on the Accutance again. Unfortunately, partying is still a huge part of my social life, and I was very worried about going on this stuff again and not being able to drink/party/socialize in my boring post college life. BUT, getting this problem fixed was/is my #1 priority and I bit the bullett to go for Round #3 with Acuutane. This time was a little different. I was set for a 5 month course but decided to still indulge in the partying lifestyle (only 2 nights/week) to see how my liver would hold up. I made it about 2.5 months until my liver enzymes were too high. We backed my dosage down from 80mg/day to 40/mg per day for 1 week and I took about 6 weeks off from partying. Everything was OK yet I was noticing that I would still get the occasional cyst on my back 5 months into treatment. She let me go for another month and I was generally clear with the occasional breakout which out me on month 7 (which I'm currently in.) I've been drinking back to normal on the weeknds for quite some time and my skin has been relatively great the past month and the liver is fine. I'll be done in a few weeks, but sadly, I know I'll be gong back on Accutance sometime next year since I know it's not gone as I'm still getting tiny breakouts every now and then on my face. Anyway, I just wanted to get my story out there and let everyone know what I have been through. I hope one day I'll grow out of it (I'm 27 now so please happen sooon!!!!) but in the meantime it's a mission of mine to get this under control w/o having to use any medicines, pills, creams, etc....

I feel like I've been to hell and back with acne and I will admit it has definitely altered my life. It really killed my self-esteem, image, confidence, etc...I try my best to forget the bad feelings but try not to forget what has happened---from the famous quote "Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it." Stay strong everyone!

(P.S. I've never experienced a single side affect that you hear associated with Accutance either. Just be somewhat careful on the alcohol and don't let the medicien get into your head either.)

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Hmm I always wonder when people say they haven't had a single side effect if its actually working as well as it could. Do you take it with a high fat meal and don't consume anything like biotin etc ?

Good luck with it whatever though! I would however also think about lifestyle and diet a bit more possibly. That may help keep the acne at bay after the accutane for longer with a decent diet.

I'm going to try a low dose accutane course, been on normal/high dose (80mg) before which cleared me, but getting the odd cyst and oil back, nothing like what it was though.

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Hey...yeah I always make sure to take the accutane with a fatty meal for max absorption. My side effects are dry skin, nose, eyes, lips, etc....but I don't really consider those side effects as that is expected.

As for diet and lifestyle I always eat healty and excercise 5 days a week. Basically, in a way, my hole lifestyle almost seems tailored to prevent acne. I hate to say that but it's mostly true. I'll be back on accutane again this Fall. I will agree that it has been less severe each time so I'll kerep going until it's not useful anymore

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