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life long sufferer, advice requested

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Hi to everyone

I am a male, 44, from the UK and have suffered with fairly oily skin, and acne since teens, I very often get cysts appearing and reappearing in the same places.

One of the things I find strange is that if I run my fingernail up the sides of my nose or the crease in my chin, it always produces small amounts of pus, even with no visible spots.

I have never really been too worried, as it has never been too major, and have never sort a cure, except for trying over the counter products) but there is one area where I get a lot of spots, on my penis, and they have been there constantly as long as I can remember. I did go to the doctors once about 10 years ago, who told me to keep myself clean! and another doctor gave me a course of antibiotics, which did no good at all, so I have learned to live with it, and occasionaly browse the web for possible solutions.

Anyway, I am taking this step in posting, to see if anyone can give me an idea on where to start, as I would like to try something, particularly on my penis, or to see if any males have had similar problems, and any possible solutions.

TIA for responses

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I am just answering my own question! I had tried to find the answer about 6 months ago, but just tried again and eventually found out that the ones on my penis are called 'Fordyce spots' unfortunately there is no treatment, apart from a few cases of people using Accutane, but they reappear once it is stopped.

Maybe this info will help someone else.


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