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I'm on antibiotics and remember reading about it killing all the good bacteria in your body, and that these things can help - i'm not sure of the difference or if i should be taking both or heck if they are even both the same? I've searched some stuff but they both seem different yet the same? Any lights?

So i'm looking for food with it in now, the only thing i have is disney princess cereal (yeah it's for kids but it tastes great and it makes my bowl look prettier than muesli does!!) This has prebiotics in it. I don't really wanna be buying it in pills or anything, does anyone know any more foods it is in?



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Im not 100% sure on this myself I always thought pre-biotics was 'food' for the good bacteria (like FOS found in certain foods). I mainly get it from a fibre supplement from Holland and ill take all your money Barrett. Its got the good bacteria in aswell!! But for good bacteria not much beats Primal defence! Shame its expensive but in bulk from america its not too bad...because it works and what they actually do I think its worth the weight in gold.


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Yogurt and keifer have the good bacteria that your looking for.

The only thing is that as long as your on the antibiotic, your going to be killing any bacteria you put into your body, I suggest to wait until your off the antibiotic so you don't waste your money.

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Probiotics are the 'good' bacteria in your intestines. Prebiotics are the food for them. I've been looking into them and some articles I've read say very simply that it's fiber. Others says it's fiber from specific sources that I don't eat often and many or us are trying to avoid. And others make it even more complicated. It's says this on wikipedia:

Typical dietary sources of prebiotics are soybeans, Jerusalem artichokes (which contain inulin), raw oats, unrefined wheat and unrefined barley. Some of the oligosaccharides that naturally occur in breast milk are believed to play an important role in the development of a healthy immune system in infants, but these are not consiedred prebiotics, as they do not act through the intestinal microflora.

Prebiotic oligosaccharides may be added to processed foods. Some prebiotics that are used in this manner are fructooligosaccharides (FOS), xylooligosaccharides (XOS), and galactooligosaccharides (GOS). In petfood also Manno-olligosaccharides are being used.

I've read negative things about that FOS they add to some probiotics. I think it's sugar as the sacharides, fructo and xylo in the names above imply. Which we are trying to avoid. Also it feeds yeasts.

For a probiotic, I use primal defense with a mix of billions of flora, but I don't take it daily. I use it to make yogurt from organic milk, which I have nearly daily.

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Thanks for all the info guys! And for clearing up the difference alternatavista!

I never realised that i guess i should just wait till i've finished my antibiotics then? I'm off dairy so looks like i'll be heading to H&B.

Thanks again!


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