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Green Cream.....Viviant MAndeliC?? o_0

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okay i keep hearing about Viviant Mandelic................... someone, PLEASEE explain to me what this is and what it is for? a lot of people are using this with Green Cream.. i just started using GC to get rid of clogged pores.. is GC alone not effective enough?!

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Alright, im going to tell you about my experience. I used green cream for almost a year. Green cream is basically a retinol product. But it has high concentrations of retinol and its in a gel/cream form so its supposed to be more potent. I thought that it worked great. I actually got clear using just that, I would still get a breakout here and there but for the most part it cleared me up. I started with level 6 though because I used retinol before that. I wanted to get away from it though because its very heavy and sticky when you put it on, or at least it was for me. I hated that feeling during the day.

So after that I tried Mandelic Acid. I didnt use Vivant specifically, I use Nucelle, its the same concept except Nucelle is made more for people with sensitive skin. I will start off by saying this, I LOVE mandelic acid and im still using it at this point. Basically it works like Salicylic acid, it gets deep into the pores and exfoliates, also exfoliates the top layers of the skin, but its also anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. Thats my second reason for switching, I have inflammed acne which is caused by bacteria. I saw results with mandelic over night. I started off by spot treating with it, I would dab a little on a breakout and it would reduce the size and redness over night, pratically get rid of it. I finally started using it on my whole face and it works even better. I will admit there was a purging period which scared me and almost made me quit but i stuck with it and i am the happiest that i have. Right now my face is clearer than ive ever seen it and i can comfortably go through a day without coming home with double the breakouts i left with. It goes on very light, I cant even tell i have it on. Another great thing is that with retinol such as green cream when you put it on you have to wait 25-30 min before you can apply anything else, example would be moisturizer. I hated that, i never had time, with mandelic it penetrates almost instantly so you only need to wait a few minutes before putting anything else on. It does dry you out a little bit, but a good mositurizer will take care of that. I use a 10% concentration also.

Overall they are both great products. Green cream worked well but it was expensive and felt crappy when applied during the day. Mandelic is without a doubt my favorite. I started using green cream at night and mandelic during the day, it didnt do anything for me. But my skin also needs one product and needs that same product twice a day. When i mix and match it doesnt do anything for me. I got pretty damn near completely clear with both products, more so with mandelic acid. Its really all personal preference as to which one you use. But i would recommend mandelic acid to anyone, i actually do a lot. It works mircales --I think-- it may work differently for other people, but the worst you can do is try it and not like it.

Also if you go to LionQueens thread, shes a master with both of those products, I actually asked her a ton of questions when i first started using mandelic. Sorry this is so long, haha, but i hope it helps, if you have any other questions ask me, id love to be of help.

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omg, COWBOY! where have you been! :] story like urs should be posted here cause it definately helps!! thank you so much!!

ive been looking for someone who had an experience with GC besides Lionqueen but i couldnt find anyone so i was so skeptical about GC to be honest.. but you definately cleared up everything for me. =] yeah, i saw some people using GC AND Mandelic together but some said it was way too harsh and was actually damaging their skin.. so i am probably going to stick with GC only for now. i just heard so many great things about GC than Mandelic.. so i will start out with GC and if i am not so happy with GC then i will try Mandelic.

By the way, how long did it take for you to see a result? and how long did your purging last? did you only have closed comedones? because someone from theskinboard.com said he instantly got these small white heads on acne prone area which he said it was purging for sure, but once he applied GC the next day, it was completely gone. i wonder if that happens to everyone? o_0

i am so jealous of your acne free face! =]<3 are you using anything else besides Mandelic at the moment? and did you completely drop GC?

ps. i LOVE.LOVE.LOVE long reply!!!!! heehee

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Haha well im glad my reply helped. As for the other questions, my purging lasted a couple of weeks with Green cream. I mostly just got whiteheads, which I hated but it got better so it was worth it. Results actually came quickly. If i had some breakouts or anything, the green cream would work overnight to lessen them. So even though there was purging going on, it wouldnt get all that bad or out of hand.

You shouldnt be jealous...you will get to this point eventually to. Remember, it took me a LONG time to get where im at. I probably spent enough to by myself a car, haha, on products and prescriptions that did absolutley nothing for me. But I just kept going at it and trying stuff I heard of until I finally found something that works. So far my best two choices were green cream and mandelic acid. Number one piece of advice I can give you, Is stick with whatever regimen you start for at least a month or two. I had a problem quitting if i didnt see 2 week results which didnt get me anywhere. Unless your getting severe irritation or majorly horrible breakouts, just stick with it.

I am still using mandelic acid at this time, besides cleansing and putting a moisturizer on, thats all I use. I did decide to drop green cream completley for the fact that mixing the two didnt really do anything for me.

Haha again, Im very happy I could help you out. I think starting out with green cream first and then going from there is a great choice. I wish you the best of luck with it, I know how much acne sucks but I believe now that it can be controlled. Let me know how your doing or if you have any other questions. :)

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awww.. THANK YOU SO MUCH, COWBOY!! =] youre such a sweetheart.<3

yeah, i probably couldve bought myself a "used-car" with all that money i spent on acne products... gosh, i hate acne industry. they are so.........freaking good at deceiving people!!! :doh: or..maybe im just guillable... ANYWAYS, is it possible to go through purging period on your 2nd day!? i mean.. i used Green Cream level 6 for the first time on Wednesday then i used it again last night (Friday) for the 2nd time because i didn't really see any major irritation.. but hmm.. ive noticed that areas where i have a lot of red marks and some tiny skin-colored bumps started to peel. i mean its not like major peeling... it's really hard to describe it.. but it looks really disgusting (but it looks normal once i moisturize it with aloe vera gel after). my red marks look x10 noticeable and i can see these white scalps around it... its weird. its only like that where i have red marks though.. area where i dont really have any pimples is normal (actually, it happened on Thursday morning which is a day after my 1st usage of green cream level 6 but it wasnt as bad as this morning... it stings a little bit when i put aloe vera gel on but it goes away after 10mins or so). i am so confused.. cause i thought puring starts once you start using Green Cream DAILY, no? i hope this IS purging honestly because i was sort of scared that i wont go through purging and this product wouldnt work for me (some people from makeupalley said nothing happened to them although theyve been using it for like 6months!!) plus i would like to get it done fast and get over with it :D haha hm..do you have any idea whats going on with my skin?

o btw, i thought about using all these other crazy stuffs like BHA, BHO, Lactic Acid, Mandelic Acid, and omg i can go on foreveR!! but i decided to just use Green Cream alone. i am scared that GC might not be effective enough to clear up my skin since other people are using so many different things at the same time but...what the heccc... i feel like the more stuffs you put it on your face, harder it would be for my skin to handle.. =x

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Sorry it took me this long to reply, with the weather being nice ive finally left my hiding spot, haha. Umm I dont know for sure if its purging. They say that within the first 3 weeks of starting a new product, what we consider purging is actually your face doing what it was planning on doing anyways. It does sound like purging to me though. From what I understand Retinol cleans your pores out and promotes healthy cell renewal, so it could be just the excess oil and dirt coming to the surface. After so long of using a product is when you start to see great results because its had ample time to do its job and really do it good. The dryness/peeling....I had that to, well when I first started it anyways. After so long of using it, the peeling stopped. Thats just supposed to be the dead skin shedding. If you go to the green cream website they have a forum like this one and lots of people posting about their experience. Also if this is your first time using retinol, I was told that your skin needs to adjust, so redness, stinging, peeling are all side effects. One good thing is green cream has Aloe vera gel in it as one of the top ingredients, so it wont dry you out as much as other ones.

I def. agree with using less products. I know there are some people that have 6 different steps in their regimen. I know a lot of dermatoligists prescribe 3 and 4 medications at once to use. I dont see in anyway how this could help your skin. But just as some info, If green cream isnt working by itself after so long, you might want to try using a BHA with it, salicylic acid. I never did that personally, but I hear a lot of great reviews on how they work well together. Just a thought. Hope all that helped out. :D

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