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Alright so heres the deal, im 17 years old and have gotten acne, not sure i think my facial acne would be minor-modetate wheres the acne on my back is moderate. I really havnt done anything, ive bought a few creams off the self at walgreens but havnt seen any improvement. I see so many products being adveritsed and am unsure what to try and what to stay away from. Ive read a bunch of the posts and some of the terms your guys use just arnt in my vocab so when expaining please explain some of the terms you use if you think i might not understand them. The facial acne is bad but its the back acne that really bothers me as im embarresed to go swimming or to beaches or even take my shirt off and it is uncomfortable. It is slowly creeping down my arm and is half way between my shoulder and elbow. I just want to minamize it and hopefully get it cleared but am unsure where to start and what to buy..

Could you guys help me



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Hmm soo since you play hockey, do you think it's because of the friction and sweat between your back and then your shirt plus your chest protector over that (I guess it depends on what style you have...I'm thinking of the ones that cover your chest, plus part of your back and shoulders)? And the chin strap on your helmet? I think that could contribute to it a lot if you're not diligent about keeping everything clean. If you have been doing those things then...I dunno.

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I actually quit hockey a year ago when i didnt have much acne but i have grown alot in the last 2 years. I keep reading about this accutane is am wondering if i should try it and if it helps back acne. Also i plan on going to the drugstore tomorrow and am wondering what i should buy. Im going to buy some new soap to wash my face and back any reccomendations? what else? mosortizor ??

Also any thought about proactiv?


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Ohh, just out of curiosity, why did you quit?

Accutane is a very powerful drug; only a dermatologist would know if it's right for you.

I've had really good luck using Cetaphil face wash for normal to oily skin and Aveeno Ultra-Calming moisturizer. My skin is really, really sensitive. I also spot treat with Neutrogena On-the-Spot 2.5% benzoyl peroxide cream (people on the boards usually refer to benzoyl peroxide cream as BP).

I haven't heard too many positive things about ProActiv. Seems like a lot of hype to me.

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yah i havnt heard to much about proactiv. I really dont know what to do.. My facial acne isnt THAT bad would like to clear it up but my back is getting pretty bad..

I quit hockey because i found out im a golfer lol hopefully pro soon if my acne will clear ha

I might go to the derm and see if accutane is for me. I need something and something fast.

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