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Acne returns after years of inactivity

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So, when I was young I had pretty bad acne (around age 13ish). I went to a dermatologist and it all cleared up probably in around a half year.

Since then (I am now going on 20), I have had clear beautiful skin, until Mid January.

I started getting some slight acne in mid January and just ignored it at first. Washed my face a little more and that is about it. At the end of February, it was getting worse so I went out and go the Neutrogena Advance Care Solutions. It cleared up my face after a week for about a day, and then it became worse.

I was using that up until this past week and I have switched over to Proactive. I no longer have health insurance and can't go to a dermatologist so I keep having to experiment with whatever I can get over the counter. The acne is probably the worst it has ever been in my entire life.

A number of things could have trigged this outcome. I changed job at the beginning of the year, I got a good promotion which means I also inherited a lot of stress with the job. I have taken a much harder semester this semester as well, and no longer have time to work out, which is something I loved to do. I find myself living off of junk food and drinking more caffeine. My relationship of two years ended this semester also, which has been really hard on me as well.

I guess I just wanted a place to rant too...

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:comfort: Yeah stress can do that to you. I never cleared up totally, but my acne got worse when I started working full time & had job stress. Funny, college never got to me as bad.

What kind of treatment did you receive from the derm? I've tried that Neutrogena system & Pro-activ & found DKR to be the best of any BP based treatment plan. What kind of acne do you mainly have, inflammatory or comedal?

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It seems like the stress may be causing the breakouts. My acne first got bad around exam time at uni so I guess I could attribute that to stressing over studying.

I too am worried that my acne will come back in its original form in the next few years. I used accutane to clear mine and I have been using gentle regimen and only get spots from time to time and just pray that it doesn't come back full force ever again.

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