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Hello! I have had bad acne for about 3 years now, since about 6th grade. Nothing has worked and my dermatologist has run out of stuff to give me so I asked for accutane and she said okay since nothing else has worked.

but now I'm worried. Not about that deformed babies thing, I'm not even having sex and I get the depo-shot thing anyways so I can skip my periods (heavy & nasty bad periods run in my family as well as acne)

So now in a few days I'm going to go pee in the cup so I can prove yaknow I'm not preg-o.

but I keep hearing people kill themselves on it all the time and people get sick on it and their hair falls out and stuff like this. I don't really believe it all because I mean, if accutane killed a bunch of people I think they'd get rid of it.

I'm going to talk to my pharamist tommorow.. I have a part time job at a grocery store where my mom works so I can just swing by on break and talk to him. I also am going to go to the ob-gyn to get the forms signed by her and to talk to her, as well as my dermatologist.

I just want to know what to expect. I'm just worried about this. My acne is really bad. It's not that noticible as other peoples because I'm naturally tan (italian) so its not as bad as those who are pale and have the redness..

It's just I'm already depressed and stuff. I'm 'sick' but not sick sick. It's hard to explain. almost 2 years ago I got mono+parvo b19 and was sick and it screwed up my nervous system and now I have a slip disorder and a pain disorder thingy. Theres no cure and it's starting to go away on its own. I just had ALOT of bloodwork done and it all came back normal so theres nothing sickly wrong with me but I still feel like crap.

I'm SUPER worried that somehow accutane is going to mess up my body or make me kill myself! I'm not suicidal. AT ALL. I'm just going threw a hard time with family/friends and am a little down.

Please, can someone help me out here? 9/10 people I ask about accutane said its fine, they've used it and all that happens is dry skin and chapped lips. but a few people keep popping up and are like 'accutane killed my friend/brother/sister' and stuff.

Okay I'm done. I really would appreciate any help <3

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honestly, not to scare you or anything, but with you already being depressed (is this a self diagnosis or actual dr's diagnosis?) and having a pain disorder i'd personally stay away from it, with the risks of psychological side effects (although rare) i don't think it would be safe for you to risk your already fragile mental state with a drug that could worsen it. and as far as the pain disorder, don't really know what this entails, but i'd also be concerned because accutane can cause joint pain, which is one of the few symptoms i've had. again, i'm not by a long shot a professional, but i also see something wrong with a derm who would prescribe accutane to someone with depression :think:

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It's not super sevre like where I sit at home and cry. I have some control over it. My mom won't let me see a therapist. I was diagnosed with anxiety disorder when I was little so I've always been a little sadder and stressed out.

I just don't know what to do. My skin is pretty bad. Oily and flaky and overal itchy. and bumpy. I'm not just doing this for cosmetic reasons, it's really super itchy and my face has like dandruff and gets all weird.

Is there ANYTHING else like accutane but not as strong? I've been on a bunch of topical stuff, and pro activ stuff like that. I've taken a few oral med's too but they all did nothing and a few made me throw up. I remember the one that made me throw up and get all dizzy was called Doryx. It did nothing to help my skin either.

This is so annoying :cry:

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depression is rare exspecially people trying to kill themselves. its like 1 out of 100. my brother had it he was fine and my dermatologist said that most people already get depressed from acne anyway.

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1 out of 100 isn't that rare. 1 out of 100,000 is rare.

I'm just very worried. I guess I can just work something out with my derm and stuff. Hopefully I can get the accutane and it will work without messing me up. I can't stand my skin right now so greasy I have to shower like 3 times a day just to wash all the excess oil and dander off my skin =(

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I would not worry about it. I have used accutane 3 times and am just finishing up my 3rd round. I used it once in high school (1996), once in college (2000), and once now (will be done in a few weeks.) I've never had 1 single side effect. The only thing I'm pissed about is having to do it more than once when my first Dr. told me I would only need it once. Seriously, don't fret about it, once you start and see progress you'll be glad you did it. Good luck!!!

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Hey, I was on accutane a couple of years ago and had the same worries as you and in my case anyway all of them were unfounded. If anything I got happier and happier as treatment went on as the results are amazing. My parents were quick to notice any change in mood and would check if I was ok. Its probably not a such a great idea if you live on your own but if theres someone there to keep an eye out then I wouldn't condemn accutane for depression reasons

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it's a very valid concern and good that you are going to talk to yr dr about it. if you are concerned, and end up taking it, just make sure you have a good support network set up that will keep an eye on you. like the last person said, if yr parents keep an eye out for a severe depressive change then you'll be ok. and you would notice it yrself. and if you do then go to someone. but in the end, yr dr would know best, so do talk to them.

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Guest sm_oore

I wouldn't worry about it. I'd just say to only go on accutane if you really need to. I've taken it twice and haven't had any psychological problems whatsoever associated with Accutane. With acne yes, many people do.

Just be careful because Accutane will more than likely make you break out more (maybe for the first 3-4 months) before it gets better. It depends also how many mg's you are prescribed. If anybody had any suicidal thoughts then they should not try to risk it.

Anxiety? Has acne affected your anxiety?

If you ever do think that you are psychologically worse on Accutane, then just stop taking it.

Also you may have to take accutane again later in life cause it usually works for about a year before you start to break out again. Sometimes you may not have to take it again.

On Accutane you will get really dry skin, dry lips, maybe joint pain, and maybe minor vision problems, depends how much you are prescribed. Also find a really good moisturizer.

Its very unlikely that accutane will make you kill yourself though.

Also, maybe try and wash your face less, maybe 2-3 times a day. I think i may have overwashed when i was younger. Try not to use harsh cleansners either, washing your face more can produce more oil, maybe substitute splashing it with warm water once a day instead of washing it too much.

Good Luck

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I would definitely do it. i wish i would have listened to my dermatologist. but i had the same concerns. i don't know if the fact that my face is not completely clear, but as close as i been for 10 years that might conteract the depression symptoms cause honestly I am so happy my face is somewhat controllable i do not notice any depression symptoms and i am a female on a pretty high dose i take 120 mg per day.

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I would go for it as well. I've never been so happy as when I was clear for the first time in over 20 years! They were worried about me being depressed? I was with bad acne, not after I was clear.

I would definitely have a good chat with the derm though, there are possible options like lower dose accutane and more regular check ups to make sure how you are doing with side effects and mood etc.

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I'm not an expert on Accutane or anything, but I am just starting my third month tonight. My personal experience? When I started I didn't have very bad acne, but I had a lot of red marks, midle acne, and was EXTREMELY depressed about it. I stopped going out, would only talk to certain friends, and was very very moody around my family. I hated myself. That sounds morbid, but it wasn't all the time. Just when I was by myself and had too much time to think.

Anyways, then I started Accutane and i am SO much happier. I don't cry about myself and I'm back to my normal, happy self. The thing is- while you might not see huge improvements very fast, you still know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and that you will walk out of the treatment with clear skin. Knowing this has made life so much better! As for the side effects, I haven't experienced any(knock on wood). No headaches, no Initial Breakout, no joint aches or depression, nothing! I was very nervous at first, but I don't regret it one bit.

So as for your decision, do what feels right. I've had nothing but a positive experience so far, and if you do choose to go on Accutane I hope the same for you!

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Unfortunately, my family seems to have pretty persistent acne that morphs into different forms as we age. I am in my late 40's and still get deep cysts. I rarely get pimples that come to a head, just these brewing cysts deep under the skin.

I've used Accutane for 2 complete courses, 1 incomplete course, and then low dose for maintenance for awhile. My doc has agreed to let me try Accutane again.

I have issues with anxiety, completely unrelated to the acne thing. Long story. I also take meds (anti-depresants) for that. For me, the anxiety issues were not caused by acne or the taking of Accutane.

As a matter-of-fact, when I was on Accutane, my mood was actually better!! I did get the aches and pains, etc., but it was worth it to me to have a clear face. And, as far as suicidal thoughts or depressive thoughts--I found actually the opposite was true. I was much happier--I know this is a bit vain---because I knew I looked good. ;)

I had just a wee bit of hair loss, but not noticeable. No one could tell, it's just that I noticed a little more in the sink drain than usual.

I know everyone is different, and I am not trying to tell you what to do, or to give medical advice. But I personally feel that the Accutane warnings go way overboard--and probably due to legalities. I do not mean to trivialize the birth defect issue--of course that is serious! But I think all the other warnings can scare away those who may really benefit from this med.

Have you ever read the warnings on other prescription meds? Most of them are pretty scary, too. A person can even die from an overdose of Tylenol!

Just wanted to share my experience on Accutane. I'm not sorry one bit that I took it (and due to unusually persistent acne, will even take it again).



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