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How to Get BP to Absorb Faster

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I'm up to the full finger's length of BP and I would love to be able to apply the BP even in a little bit less time. For my whole face it usually takes about 15-20 mins, which I'm willing to do, but like I said it would be great if I could cut the time down a bit. In Dan's videos he seems to be rubbing quite quickly, albeit as he says he is doing it very gently. Would it be advisable to rub as "quickly" as Dan rubs, if it were done gently?

I've also noticed that I seem to be able to get the BP rub in time down if I use all of my fingers, as Dan does in the video, instead of just one or two.

Any other tips?

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thats way too long. the whole process of applying bp should take 5 minutes max! for me anyways... just slap it on your face and spread it around and massage it in circular motions. theres nothin to it...

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My technique is basically to glob the finger of BP all over my face at once, and then to smear it around broadly with my index and middle finger of my right hand, using most of those fingers to apply it and not just the tips. Every minute or so, I scrape the BP off of my fingers using the fingers on my left hand, and then transfer it back to my face so that the BP doesn't get absorbed by my fingers and wasted. (This is why I always wash my hands before applying BP, of course, it would be pretty disgusting otherwise.) Even with a good amount of jojoba oil on my face before applying BP, I've found that I can have the application done in about 5 minutes. It does take much, much longer if I have any moisture on my skin from not drying it enough, or if the room I apply BP in is humid (like in the summer or if I do the regimen in a bathroom when someone has taken a shower in the past hour). You also might just be using an awful lot of BP, I think that 15-20 minutes indicates that you probably are using an extra 1/3 finger or so? (At least if we're talking Dan's gel.)

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Jojoba oil first seems to help it absorb faster, IMO. It takes me maybe 2 minutes, but Cali is nt very humid either.

I like to apply in thin layers & build it up in an area at a time instead of globbing it all on at once. I squirt it out of the bottle in portions so it doesn't dry before I get it on my face. It's not as precise with how much I use, but I've gotten a good idea based on how well I cover my face.

I also use more than 2 fingers to rub it in.

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Guest WhiteWater

I use Solugel-4 (also known as Brevoxyl). It has a special hydrophase base which makes BP absorb into skin. Its amazing as there is no irritation. It has the power of 10% with the gentleness of 2.5%. It is at 4%. It leaves no residue and goes dry in about 4 minutes. I dont have to wait 15 minutes before applying moisturizer.

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