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Sugarhigh's Second Round on 'tane YAY

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So I got switched to a new doctor, after 6 years of random drugs, including 6 months of accutane. I was fairly excited to get some new perspective, but to my dismay, she said I was not on a high enough dose of Accutane the first time around (40 mg/day). So here I am again, on my second round.

I have now stocked up on all the lovely Accutane essentials. Lip balm, Lotions, Vitamins, Eye drops etc.

I am going to be on 40 mg for the first month, and then it will be increased after my one month appointment!

Here are some photos from today! Really bad quality taken with my iSight camera!



So the derm says this is my last shot, if this doesn't work I "will have acne until at least menopause!" Yay! I guess a reason to look forward to that lovely time in life!

Wish me luck!!


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Yeah, I'm on my first course.

I figure the side effects can't be much more from 40 to 60, so I'm on 60mg per day. 60mg from the start.

10 weeks and its been great, i've never been able to get so much done as I have these last few weeks.

Regardless of your acne, I think your very pretty.

The very best of luck.... second time round.

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Hey sugarhigh

Goodluck on your 2nd course! hopefully u dont have to go throught it again after this one.

U did 6years of random drugs? damn... i couldnt stand those anitbiotics, they just dont work at all... i usually tried it for a month, see no improvement i hop over Accutane straight away.

I wish u all the luck in the world... heheh well not all, got to leave some for us! all the best!!

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