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my intentions in posting this is not to brag or boast, but to spread some positivity

dan's regimen really works but you have to stick to the regimen EXACTLY! use only the products that Dan recommends, exactly the amount he tell you to, and in the same exact way he does.....

i used DKR 4 years ago, cured my cystic acne, stopped DKR about a year and a half ago (thinking i was out of my acne phase), got BAD acne again, went back on DKR last year July, got clear in 3months, and have remained clear since.....

again, i'm just letting everyone know there is are ACTUAL SUCCESS STORIES, its just that people who are "clear" don't visit the boards as much as people who are still struggling do.... i remember during those first three months i re-started the regimen i was on this message board for hours everydaY!!!

my regimen: wash gently with Purpose Liquid Soap

wait for 10 minutes

Apply Dan's BP (fingers length)

wait ten minutes

apply NHFL spf (during day)/Lac Hydrin (during night)

ps: i just switched to Purpose Liquid Soap about 4 weeks ago. i was using the Purpose bar b4, but decided to try something new.... ever since i switched i stopped getting even the little whiteheads that appear once in awhile, but im not sure if its cuz the soap or just luck =)

for everyone who is still struggling... HANG IN THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Congrats midknyte! Thats awesome to hear. I love hearing success stories because it keeps me going on bad days. I am very happy that you have won your battle against acne. Keep spreading the positive vibes! Lorrie

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thanks =)

i remember how i was always so encouraged everytime i saw a positive success story back when i was still broken out. on a couple occasions it actually kept me from calling it quits, which woulda been a huuuuuge mistake! glad i could help tho...

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