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Scared this is going to last forever

At this moment in time i cant there been anytime in my life where i wont have acne. I can feel its going to always be here and make me hate myself and my life for the time im here.

It just feels so depressing that life is going to be this way, my birthday is this coming Wednesday and i shall be 20. Im not looking forward to it in the slightest due to my face! I havnt seen my girlfriend in a while either due to her been ill, but when she has said shes not going to be out it kind of makes me feel happy that she wont see the state my face is in. Is this how things are always going to be? I can only see her when my face is in a suitable condition or when im able to cover my face with make up? Its pathetic and makes me feel like complete shit :(

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I have bad acne, and if your girl loves you for you, she will not notice your acne.

My girlfriend says she doesn't notice it at all, I always feel that she's lying to me. In the end, I forget about my acne when I am with her so she must be telling the truth.

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All that I can say is that I was feeling the exact same things not that long ago about my acne and red marks. My acne was moderate at worst but very persistent and a lot of things never seemed to work for me. The light at the end of the tunnel as far as my acne was concerned was accutane but I was left with red marks/slight scars that I have had for a year and a half almost. However, recently due to a combination of methods they are really fading which is something I never thought would happen. Just hang in there and things will surely get better, you will eventually find something that works in clearing you up.

Also, I am sure that your girlfriend loves you for you regardless of acne or any other flaws you may have. That is something really special and I hope she gets over her illness. Stay strong man.

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