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Tremendous success with Dan's products

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I just wanted to let whoever maybe reading this that I'm still having great success with Dan's BP and cleanser. I began using them on 16th Feb 2007. It's now 19th april and in that time the red blemishes from previous spots have faded and faded and seem to be continuing to do so. I am so pleased I cannot tell you the relief I have felt over these last 2 months. It's like a huge burden has been lifted from my shoulders. Life can be difficult enough anyway but if you are an acne sufferer then you will know just how much more troublesome it can be if you are faced with yet another spot, cyst or whitehead to 'sort out' everyday. Life can become a drag.

My skin is now smooth, I have only had about 3 spots in the last 2 months and that's nothing to what i was getting before. I cannot thank Dan Kern enough for his hard work and time spent in putting out these products. It has made me so much more relaxed and comfortable about life. Thankyou so much. :):)

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That's wonderful news, Rachey!

I'm so glad to hear of your success.

All this talk of the superiority of Dan's BP convinced me to order some tonight since I am not interested in dealing with Panoxyl or Solugel (also called Brevoxyl) all summer -- these cause redness and the layer of moisturizer followed by sunblock is already a bit too much in the winter and in our humid Quebec summer without air-conditioning I can only imagine how nasty that may become...so a fast abosorbing less irritating BP sounds great. Can't wait to try it out.

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