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I was just wondering if anyone knew if you tend to clear quicker on accutane if you acne is milder?

According to my derm I don't have the most severe form of acne, but it has been worse since I started the course. Over four months in and life sucks harder than ever.

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Sorry to hear that, also I have another question... do yu tend to need less accutane over your course in order to stay clear if your acne is milder?

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i cant say for sure...

some people say that mild stubborn acne is harder to get rid of than more severe types. however i think they just mean the existing acne is harder to get rid of. the sebum production in milder cases must be more easily inhibited by the accutane as its less aggressive than in more severe cases where the glands produce like crazy.... if u get that? i didnt explain very well.

so if your acne is stubborn but mild, you might be waiting some time for the existing acne to go (i am lol) but your sebum production may be stopped more easily.

i think if your acne is milder you are presribed to reach the lower end of the reccommended cumulative dose (ie 120mg/kg) whereas if its severe you might be more likely to be prescribed the med so you reach 150mg/kg - the highest reccommended.

essentially though, it depends on the ethic of your derm. there are many schools of thought on the subject.

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A agree with droplette. Also, many people that take accutane with mild/moderate acne notice an initial breakout more and think it's SOOO much worse because they are used to not seeing much on their face. People with more severe acne don't even really notice the "worse before better" because it's already pretty bad and it's normal to them to get more acne. IMO at least.

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Thanks very much for your help, my mild acne responds well to meds but I have decided to go on accutane as I am fed up of applying topicals and taking antibiotics so hopefully this will mean that it will respond well to tane aswell, fingers crossed!

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