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i am trying to get some ivory soap,i read that its good for acne,nice and simple.is this just a ordinary bar of soap or is this something specefic,my derm told me to get some,but now im not sure if h means plain ivory coloured bar o if this is a brand or what?

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Just plain old ivory, its white, no colors or anything else in it. I used it for years but as I get older my skin needs more moisture. Elf

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Does your derm smoke crack?

Kidding....but why on Earth would he suggest Ivory soap?

Ivory soap is a very tradtional bar soap. It is made from fatty acid and a strong base to form a salt of a fatty acid (a soap)...usually a metal salt when you think of commercial soaps....

So yeah....it's simple, and however pure they say it is (whatever the hell that means).

Ivory soap is extremely harsh as far as bar soaps go. When dilluted with some water it gives a ph of about 9 or 10. When you apply a product with a pH that high....the epidermal lipids swell and become rigid.....causing swelling and irritation in the statum corneum (hence why some people become red).......

Not only is there the issue of the pH....it's also a pretty strong detergant. So strong that it not oly removes dirt and sebaceous lipids.....it strips the protective epidermal lipids of upper layers of the stratum corneum.....leading to a great deal of trans epidermal water loss (TEWL). When we test products at work for moisturization we often "strip" the skin with Ivory soap first........

I once made a bet with an uneducated coworker about weather or not Ivroy soap cure my excessively oily skin and moderate to severe cystic acne.....well she lost the bet. I used it for about 5 weeks and would wash 2-3 times a day. My skin would feel tight for a few minutes....then it would be red and itchy....and within 15 minutes it would be covered in sebum once again........no it didn't make me more oily for the record....my skin's oil production didn't change....but what did was the irritation factor......my acne would be more swollen and inflamed. I developed thoudands of tiny whitheads, and my acne got a bit more severe....

Please don't use Ivory. If you want to use a bar soap, use one made out of syntehtic detergants and with a neutral to acidic pH....like Dove for Sensitive Skin. Or stick with a liquid cleanser made out of synthetic detergants. I like Cetaphil Cleanser for Normal to Oily Skin...or Dan's cleanser if you like lather. It's a great bargin....it's like 8.99 for a huge 16 oz. bottle that lasts forever.......

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i us dove soap now anyway as decided as ivory soap was recomended for oily skin by him,and mine isnt that oily really.

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