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well i know that years of sun damage causes the skin cells to damage and skin to become thicker and messed up basically....

so could it create a harder time for normal pimples which would usally jus come up and go back down... i mean it seems like the older i get the worse my pimples get....they use to be little white heads and now they become big inflamed whiteheads/red and then go to just a red bump that takes like 3 weeks to flatten and then red mark stays INDEFFINTLY!

i dont even have bad acne just 3 or 4 pimples a week but the problem is ...it seems like my skin is so damaged from all the breaking out /sundamage over the years....the acne is wayyy worse

i uno anyone thats older feel this is true?

if tried retoinds and absoultly hated them becausse my skin was CONSTANTLY red ....ive tried everything nothing seems to work ever

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You didn't say how old you are, so I can't surmise how much sun exposure your skin has been through. But, from my own personal experience, I don't believe that past "sun damage" causes skin to be more susceptible to acne. Sun damaged skin may take longer to heal, and red marks are definitely accentuated by sun exposure, but acne itself doesn't come (or isn't worse) because of the sun. IMO

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im only 21 and i feel like i have a great deal of damage....growing up i was always on antibiotics that made me sensitive to sunlight... and acne always seemed to look better when getting sun

but man do i regret it...i can see the effects of the sun already on my skin and im only 21!

but ya i DEFF notice a diff in red marks taking longer to heal

it jus seems like the pimples have a harder time coming out so they come out slow then bigger and bigger...where as before they jus came to head and popped or went back down

i uno sucks!

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uh...aren't most north americans deficient in vitamin D because we don't get enough sun exposure?

i suppose it's one of those factors similar to fresh fish, they are so good for health but the human race has ruined them our actions

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