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2nd day with BHA.

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I'm on my second day with BHA. I purchased it to help with my severe blackheads on my nose. Wow, you can absolutely tell it's doing something. The pores on my nose look MUCH smaller than normal, but the black areas inside the pore are the same color. It sort of looks like someone took a needle and dipped it in black ink, then poked it about 200 times in my nose. The pores are much less noticeable from a distance, but look very strange up close. What does this mean? Obviously it's too early to tell, but I'm staying optimistic.

Thanks in advance for your input.

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Ok, day 5. I haven't seen any kind of long term change. The oil fills the pores and hardens much faster than the BHA can do its work.

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Hey Jake,

What kind of BHA are you using? You should check out BeautifulDay's BHA log. It is in the blackheads forum. She details her progress using Paula's Choice 2% BHA lotion from Day 1 to Day 23+ It took her 8 days to see initial results, and 23 days to see major results. It's very inspiring. The stuff is doing its job, don't worry, and stick with it!

PS, I'm on day 9 using BHA and my overall skin tone looks much better but up close the pores and blackheads aren't moving much. But I am keeping the faith. Hell, what's a few more weeks after years and years??

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