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I havent been on here in a while, and thats because my skin has cleared up real nice in the last two months. I popped my last two pills today, finishing my 5 month 80mg course. Just wanted to let all of you know about my experience with Claravis. For the first 3.5 months things kept getting worse, i would wake up every morning with at least 2-3 pimples forming. Then, it seemed like overnight that things got better. My skin got a lot thinner, and all of my active cysts started drying up. Now, finished with month five (and my course) all i have left is some jerk-ass red marks and some scars on my cheeks, which hopefully will go away with time. So have faith, and be patient because good times await, no matter how skeptical you may be.

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Congrats on getting clear skin!!! 3.5 months of getting worse?!?... that's kind of scary because I am only 12 days in and am already really down about my first IB. But I guess in the end, it'll all clear up... hopefully :P

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Congratz on the result...

Yup yup simo... 3.5 months... hahah it does sound scary but that when most people actually see the improvement. im like 2month away from that stage, so i try not to think about it even though i do every second of the day.

Anyways... hope your marks fade quick!! all the best Flat-tire!!

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