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yes i think i have a problem or something let me start off by saying for a fact im not ''gay'' But im still young only 14 and yes ever since i was about 10 or so girls liked me alot and always flitered with me and what not and asked me the most strangest questions like youre nails are ditry when they really werent and can i barrow a pencil when they had one already anywayz my point is alot of girls like me and i know about 90% i can hook up with alot of them but for some reason i dont its like i dont care for girls but i actually really do but for some reason its like whats the point right now..getting into a relationship/ have a girl freind i dunno cant really explain it so yea..

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At 14 you aren't really ready for a relationship or even "hooking up" anyway. Maybe a part of you realizes this. Be young & have fun & save dating for a little later. It's just a pain in the butt anyway.

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Wow hello hot guy. Well in my entire life both guys and girls have hit on me, I guess they find me charming and attractive.

Wait your only 14, but live your life and take chances. Is it because of your insecurity your insecure about girls?

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You're only 14 and I don't really think you need to worry that much about relationships, let alone serious ones, at your age. Just enjoy your younger teenage years for now and don't be tied down by relationships or anything. If you really want to get into one then there isn't really anything holding you back but from the way you sound it does seem that a part of you knows you're not ready for one.

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Guest Grow To Overthrow

Youth really is a beautiful thing. You're doing fine in my opinion.

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