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Anyone else go from being clear to breaking out again?

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I started Accutane about 2 months ago....I was clear for the last 2 weeks and now BAM breaking out all over again. I am getting so frustrated because I get my hopes up for clear skin and then this happens....some support pleeeease!!!

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yah .. i got that too. :( i got like no breakouts for 2 weeks during my 2nd month of accutane and got really excited. but the excitment didnt last .. and got like 3 HUGE cyst or watever they're called on both sides of my cheeks and got like a new one every couple of days .. its CRAZY, i have no idea when will it stop and start to clear up! :boohoo: so basically yah , ur definitley not alone!! :doubt:

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well.. dont let it get to you that often ;/ .. try not to lose urself in ur acne.

when i first got my acne, i suddnely became a different person! i stopped goin out that much and just tride to hide whenever i could... like my only concern was to hide my acne from ppl .. thank god i got over that phase and simply said F*** it !! i dont care! and im gonna live my life to the fullest! :P hehe

sorry 4 the Oprah-esque feelin of my msg :P but i really regret being that emotional over my acne.

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I hate accutane until I see results, in second month right now and so far my skin has become shittier than ever before

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I just got a zit today and I'm in month 5... :doubt: On my second course.

:o ... does it ever get better? does roaccutane really work! please give me HOPE !!!

.... Dolph, pretty cool hair color! is that natural or u dyed it ? @@ sorry 4 bein too nosy hehe

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Yeh i did...

I was actually happy with my skin last few days or week... thought i went throught the worst already, but no, i think the worst is actually starts now (im currently on week 5ish).

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