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Has anyone heard/tried Acnexus

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This is obviously a scam, LOOK AT ALL THE RETARDS posting their testimonails and PUTTING THEIR NAME UNDERNEATH!!! LOL. People on this board do not usually do that! THEY ARE ALL NEW MEMBERS AS WELL.



From what I've heard its good for some little things here and there, but its just another product you'd find on the isles in a store. Just another thing that can help just like any other product that could help thats much much cheaper. NOT RECOMMENDED.

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well imnot a scammer...yes i did register the day i wrote my review however before i never felt any reason to write i only read your blog...now that I found something that has helped me I just want to share it with you all. All i am saying is that if you still want to try something new, there's no harm in trying acnexus as it very well may work for you as it did for me!

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Hi everyone. First let me mention that I don't think the administrators of this or any such site should allow any such vulgarity as I have seen in this thread of postings. If someone is not capable of expressing themselves without the use of inappropriate language then anything that they might have to say would have little credibility. That said let's move on...

I am in the business of marketing products. Nothing like acne products but proper marketing is proper marketing. Weather or not Acnexux or any product works is certainly a good question and deserves an answer but the reality is that there is no real answer. Let me explain what I mean here... Before you can believe if something works or if any product is credible you first need to look at the company that is manufacturing or marketing it. I've looked into Axnexus and I found one thing above all else that concerns me, and that is that they are impossible to be contacted in any way other than an email to a generic email address at their web site. In my opinion if a company is unwilling to make themselves available in other ways then they have no credibility with me and would never get neither my money or attention. They show no address and even when you do a whois search it is blocked and unavailable. Here's the thing, they boast about a lifetime guarantee but there is no value here if you cannot reach the company or if they no longer exist at some point. Contrary when you buy a product like Proactive Solutions, and I have absolutely no connection to this product or the company that sells it, Guthy Renker, is clearly and easily accessible and reachable and this would make me and should make you feel better. It is possible and affordable for this and other products to hold themselves as credible. Heck I purchased a product from a web site that is a simple clip that holds socks together to avoid sorting or loosing socks from a company at nomoorelostsocks.com and even they have a toll free number to be reached. If these companies could make themselves available with little more effort than picking up the phone and dialing a toll free phone number why can't the company behind Acnexus. As a rule of thumb, if you can't reach a company or find out a physical location or otherwise confirm that they are a real company that will be around at least for some time after you purchase from them then avoid them. And as far as I am concerned this would be even more important when considering a product that is going to be used on my face or otherwise related to my body or health.

Sorry for being so long winded but I personally am tired of seeing people being taken advantage of and don't think people should need to be so on the alert only to insure that they are not taken advantage of or ripped off. The burden of being honest should be on the sellers of a product not the burden of being so cautious not to get ripped off being the burden of the customer.

One last thing, my wife has used Proactive for years and it works for her. I first looked into Acnexus as I was looking for a less expensive alternative but after investigating I have decided that when it is related to health in any way it is better to look elsewhere for a savings and to spend our money in places and on things that work and with companies who are accountable, so for her we'll stick with Proactive. I myself have been using a simple soap for many years, first Clearasil Bar face soap and now since it is no longer being made Cetaphil Antibacterial Cleansing Bar, both containing Triclosan, a chemical with some controversy behind it, but for me it works wonders as I haven't had a blemish in many, many years.

Hope this has helped someone. Good luck!

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HELLO!! im new to this site. i was just online researching acne products and saw the acnexus. i googled it and got this website for reviews. i read all your posts and have ultimately decided to NOT try it. i wanted to stay on the organic side of cleansers, since i feel all the harsh chemicals ultimately are horrible for you. so i googled some more organic and came across Lerosett. wondering f anyone has heard of it or anything. i see some of you guys are awesome researchers so just wondering what you could find out. they have a free trial that is just 6.95 for the shipping and handling. you have 21 days to try it and then you have to cancel or else they charge you 33.00 or something. they say if you dont like it you just cancel within the time frame and send back the bottles. im worried that if you get the trial and try to cancel it could be like acnexus where you cannot get a hold of anyone and theyll start charging you. but i figured anything that gives away a free trial is more promising than this acnexus stuff. i rather try something for 7 bucks. just letting you guys know i found it, since some seem to be interested in organic cleansers. plus could use the help on research, or maybe someone has already tried, heard of.

some of the marketing for lerosett is towards pregnant women, but im sure it doesnt matter. im guessing it was just marketed that way because of the supposed safety, and pregnant women have a tendancy to break out and need safe products.

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Ive tried acnexus. Similar story to so many of the other reviews online.

Pump broken on the bottles when i received them. Mysterious packaging - concerns about the validity of the company.

BUT for all that, I got my product and my skin loved it. I hope to buy some more as soon as the Aussie dollar stacks up a bit better against the US dollar ;)

My skin healed faster, felt cleaner and smoother and cleared more as well. Its not the miracle cure but it definitely helped me.

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Acnexus made me break out more. I emailed the company and they gave me an address to send back the product for a refund. I also have Acnetix and so far this is helping me and my daughter some.

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you people are fucking rediculous. you think every person posting a blog on here is a scam and you need to all get ur fucking heads out of ur asses. its just a fucking face wash, it wont hurt to try. alls i was saying was that it worked wonders for me, and if it doesnt for you then im sorry but it wont hurt to try. paradiseblossom needs to shut the fuck up.

oh and i dont sell this stuff on ebay, but nice try! im just trying to help others out who had terrible acne like i did, thats why i decided to write a blog on this stupid website.





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If your wondering if Acnexus works you will jsut have to give it a TRY because it did wonders for me it actually clears your skin. And LOL beleive me when I tried almost everything lol I just wanted to SKIN my skin of my face when i had huge ass pimples every where. You cant keep reading messages youll just have to try it out yourself. I was one of those people and thought it was a scam after reading LOADS of reveiws on Acnexus but I tried it and it worked. Oh I foudn out my face clears more when I drinks loads of water like when your pee is clear like water. WELL ALL I GOTO SAY IS ACNEXUS HELPED ME AND IF YOUR STILL NOT WILLING TO BUY IT just go back to your normal idiotic Routine with all the things that drys your skin up.


From Hawaii :dance:

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Hello everyone,

I've been up all night looking at acne treatments and I discovered Acnetix and Acnexus and thought they sounded wonderful! But by looking at them in detail, I realised that they were exactly the same product. Same ingredients, similar testimonials and same "risk-free" refund policy. Also, both websites failed to have a kind of authenticity - that is, there was no mother company like you usually see and the only contact with both was a generic email address.

I've come to the conclusion, with help from the replies on this topic, that both products are frauds.

I don't know about other countries, but in Australia sometimes we get things in the mail addressed to us personally that say things like "try this miracle pill and lose 5kg a week" and that kind of too-good-to-be-true product. They always have the same kind of testimonials that sound as though some poor uni student in Singapore has been told to write tens of different testimonials to put on the product. I just think it's one of those things.

I remember someone telling me once that "if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is". I think this applies in this case.

When I went "ahhh, I see" and realised that these products were less than genuine, I was a bit upset. You get excited when you think "oh my god.. this might be THE product. The one that will fix me for good." and you build it up into some kind of miracle cure only to be incredibly disappointed.

I won't give up hope though. One day, I will leave the house without makeup. You have to keep believing.

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i think i found a place to return acnexus. i have not tried acnexus but i heard it was a scam so i was still tempted to try it because i heard the company was sketchy but not the product anyways hope this will help track down this phony company... :ninja: (found this link on the order form for acnexus maybe they changed companies...? :wacko: )http://health-science-nutrition.com/ (the website has all the contact info and ps can someone tell me i its worth buying?????)

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also found an address and phone number to GD labs UTAH and a buisness listing that sais that GD labs employs 2 people only!!!!!! so no wonder the company is so dodjy!! check out the link and see it for yourself

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I don't know about all this scam talk but I used it for the last year when my skin got pretty bad while in Australia from the humidity, I tried Proactiv first and it didn't do anything and the whole process was a waste of time

I started using Acnexus and it started working within a week - I guess you could say I had mild acneas I don't get the large bumps etc just lots of white heads

Acnexus stopped most of my zits although i still got a few, but no where near as many and not as big, it is the only thing I have used that has actually worked

I'm using Clean and Clear at the moment because i was travelling and so couldn't get hold of more Acnexus and my skin is bad again, I am going to order more ASAP

I was washing with Acnexus twice daily and using Clean and Clear oil free moisterizer in the morning and only eye cream at night - worked well

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I've personally used Acnexus and I must say that out of all the online acne treatment products I've used it has worked the best for me alongside Biomerdazen.

I used topacnesolutions.com as a reference guide and I'm not sure whether the site as a whole is a scam, but in my personal experience (some) of the products they have suggested have worked wonders for me.

I first started with the Juliet 3-step system which in my opinion was pure crap. it reminded me of a knock-off system of Proactiv and it really didn't seem to do anything other than make my face smell like lemons. The On-the-Spot treatment I got with it seemed to do a whole lot more.

Then I tried Biomerdazen which does work although like the capsules state it takes about two weeks to start showing results. However, it does keep my skin clear and helps reduce some of the body acne I get on my back sometimes.

I tried Lipovox which didn't seem to do anything except for one thing suppress my hunger. This was pretty bad since I eat irregularly during the day so I would feel full after eating one big meal and not feel hungry for the rest of the day after taking the Lipovox. Then once the suppression effect wore off I would have a major crash of basically hunger pangs. I wouldn't recommend this product to anyone.

Acnexus works for me and I think its amazing. Although the packaging is kind of shitty my product has never been damaged and I order multiple bottles from the site. The problem I have with the product is that after using it for a few months the solution clogs pretty easily in the pump and easily cakes. So the pump loses its use so i end up beating the back of the bottle to shake whatver is left. Also, I suppose if the solution is exposed to air or water the smell gets a little more pungent which has happened in some of my older bottles.

My skin feels amazing after using it and its part of my morning routine basically. It makes my skin feel super soft and I almost feel like it illuminates it in the morning after I use it. As far as acne goes it keeps it under control. I don't have severe acne first of all but I tend to have the occasional breakout or the lone pimple that appears. I usually break out moreso on my upper lip and my chin area because I have to constantly shave for work which basically murders my skin. Plus I despise facial hair so its a neverending struggle lol. Acnexus keeps the acne under control which i really like and it makes my skin look and feel better.

Plus I love the one step process. To be perfectly honest I am super lazy especially at 4am in the morning where all I want to do is sleep rather than wash up, dress, etc.

Thats why Proactiv and Juliet's never worked for me. I usually ran out of the scrub before the other two parts so I had a bunch of leftover repair cream and toner, but no scrub. Has this happened to anyone before? Lol it always felt uneven because I ran out of the first step first. Plus proactiv made my skin super flaky and dry plus its a pain in the ass to do a 3 step regimen when the amounts are distributed unevenly.

Now about my daily habits that contribute to my acne: I usually eat my meal for the day at my two jobs so its either Panera or Chik-fil-a everyday. Which is kind of unhealthy but it keeps me fed and honestly when ur a college student who works two jobs just to earn around 700 every two weeks being healthy isn't an easy option. I don't cook so basically those are my food sources. So my diet is a source obviously.

Also, I do touch my face occasioanlly which I understand is a huge no-no but whatever I think everyone is guilty of that.

Most of the time I only wash my face once a day in the mornings. At night I usually brush my teeth and head straight to sleep so I use Acnexus once a day. If I used it twice then I'm sure it would work even better but I usually use it twice in emergencies if I have a breakout.

Also, I've heard that pillowcases are huge contributing factors. I don't wash mine daily by any means so thats obviously a factor but to each their own i say.

So there u have it just my two cents. No I am not a scammer. Honestly I have more credentials then most of the people here who are either scammer or critic because I have personally bought the products for myself, taken that risk associated with all manmade products, and seen varied results.


~ Best products ~

* Acnexus

* On-the-spot treatment

* Biomerdazen

~ Worst products ~

* Lipovox

* Juliet's

* Proactiv

Believe what you will whether ur a skeptic or easily swayed by others opinions. I think what most people fail to understand is that everyone's bodies are completely different and unique. Plus take into consideration diet, enviromental factors, gender, and genetics. Every product will react differently with each person but isn't that true for all medicated products?

Acne can't be cured unless you solve each of these problems. Has hair removal been solved? No.

Tooth decay/gingivits? No. The common cold? No. Acne? No.

Why would a company develop a product to "cure" anyone? How would they stay in business? What products are made to due is to relieve symptoms and offer a temporary solution. If you as a consumer are so bothered by this go into medical school and develop a cure for everyone instead of bitching about being scammed.

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So I typed in Acnexus into the google search engine to get to their website to buy more of it. I stumbled upon this thread and to be honest the only reason I made an account was to post on this thread.

I've been using Acnexus for almost a year. It works really well for me because while I'm on birth control, it tones down my moderate acne, to mild and Acnexus takes care of the mild acne really well.

I would not recommend it for people with moderate to severe acne because it will clear some up, but definitely not all. When I'm nearing my period I still get pimples but the Acnexus takes care of it in a few days. Like I said, it should only be used by people who have mild acne, or people who have a second regimen they use (I consider my second regimen birth control).

Other than those specifications, if you use Acnexus and have mild acne, just wait a couple weeks and you should see clear skin. I did and that's why I keep using it.

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gosh man this stuff is wayyyyy overpriced. hydronium can probably be knocked up in my chemistry lab at school lol. $107, just too much.

unless it was absolutely guaranteed to work and endorsed by doctors that it clears up your acne for sure, then hey id buy it straight away. but nah, ive been failed by so many topicals to date.

This is a site that sells this stuff for like 20$ a bottle instead of like 100$. hope it helps :)!

Edited by xxkathleen
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I've purchased acnexus twice for my cystic acne after taking prescribed acne antibiotic pills. The pills didn't work but surprisingly Acnexus worked and cleared my adult acne in about a month. The “on the spot" herbal roll on treatment also worked great for me. Its expensive and the acnexus pump doesnt work after a while but its a good product for me.

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