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Has anyone heard/tried Acnexus

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I've ordered two bottles of this stuff. I hope it really works. I've tried using many things and most hope has been lost. This stuff should be arriving soon. I really can't wait to start using it. I'm really hoping this product is as good people are saying it to be. Keep updating guys so I can know what kind of miracles this stuff is doing! :dance:

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i just got my acnexus 2 days ago and i'm liking it. i'd been on murad for the last year, but as time went on, it seemed to make my skin drier and drier and feel more irritated, and experiencing more breakouts. i am cancelling my murad membership (whether or not acnexus is my longterm solution or not!).

i ordered acnexus through ebay. it is much cheaper there... it was around $25 and they offer a 100% money back guarantee ANYTIME. so that convinced me to try it.

i've been using it for 2 days now and so far, i'm happy with the result. the product feels like a really fine sandpaper and i have been using it gently. the best thing about it is that it doesn't contain benzoyl peroxide which irritates and dried out my skin.

so far, i've been happy with the results. i have problems with acne from small whiteheads to cystic acne (the deep stuff that can leave marks on my face for months). after 2 days, i am seeing the whiteheads slowly lift away (these were stubborn whiteheads that seemed to never expel themselves that took everything in me to keep from picking at!)...

the best news is that i haven't had any new acne since i started using acnexus (i generally get 1-2 new pimples per day) and for the first time i looked at my face in the mirror and i can see the redness fading. well, i'm happy for now and will post again in another week or so to post results. this is just 2 days of washing - twice a day...

this is a cleanser and moisturizer in 1, so if this works, then this is much more affordable than what i had going with murad... i'm crossing my fingers! ;)

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Guest anonymous

damn does mail ever take so long lol.... well, this seems very promising, i had a pimple in my chin dimple, and it left a small scar... and then i got another pimple in the spot and left a bigger scar... so now it looks like i STILL have a pimple there... but i dont, any help?

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Well I just gave in and purchased a bottle on ebay.

I bought the Murad kit a few days ago, and it did dry up a few pimples quick with the sulfur, and the cleansing toner did feel great. But it left my face really red. Nothing painful, just redness. Bad enough to where I just canceled plans I made months in advance to go home and party with friends and family for Cinco De Mayo. I had to make up something along the lines of "car trouble". This has been the most disapointing moment for me so far with my acne. It's not near as bad as the people on the commercials, but somehow theirs goes away and mine doesnt. ProActiv and Acneefree didnt do squat so Im hoping this Acnexus will.

I will tell you this, Im done with putting chemicals on my face. Even if it gets rid of the acne, it's not worth the dryness or the redness. Id rather have a couple pimples on the side of my face than to look like a tomato all over. I cant wait to try this new stuff.

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Okay guys, I've been reading up on acnexus and just about any other products that I've seen popping up recently. I've come to some conclusions and some pretty grounded speculations on the product. First of all, I can't imagine anyone hasn't caught this yet, but Acnexus is very obviously a step for the Juliet's Clean and Smooth or whatever it is to take another direction in the acne market. Their Juliet's line is the natural, earthy, wholesome, and "nice" line that they really drive the no chemical, all-natural aspect. Acnexus sounds like the future, hi-tech solution to acne ("next"). And they push the one-step, powerful destroy acne aspect, so in this way they can get two different corners of the market even though acnexus is still natural and all. You can tell they're by the same people because for one, they have 18 ingredients in common, Juliet's has 6 ingredients different than Acnexus, and Acnexus has 9 different ingredients ( most of them oils ). The descriptions for the similar ingredients are exactly the same and the layout for each products pages are similar. If that wasn't enough, just go to the Acnexus ebay page and click on seller's store- it goes to juliets page.

Now, the page that has the top acne products of 2007 that everyone's been seeing, says that it's the #1 selling acne product on the internet and most reviews mention how good it is at clearing even the worst cases of acne. Okay, does anyone really believe that it's the best sellin on the internet, I'm sure Proactive and others have millions more orders than a product that just came out in the US when this site best acne products site popped up. Second, where are all these reviews that say it cleared their severe acne cases. We've all looked, and really, the only one that was around for awhile was sybervision.

Sybervision is obviously a site that gets paid to promote items. Every product they have on their they gave good reviews to, with comments such as #1 blah blah, and quotes taken right from the makers of the product who always pump their product. they also say they did a study/ test on people and they all cleared up, but why not give details if such an experiment occured.

Clearskinsoon, 80% reduction in 5 days sounds very much like a sponsor for the product. and your freinds been using it for 3 months, musta gotten it from Europe right? I'm sorry if this is a real testimonial and I mean no offense, but I don' think it is.

Anyway, forgetting my rant, I am still interested in your guys' results, cuz none of this means that it won't work. If you've used the Juliet's system without prevail, then Acnexus probably won't help either, but I may be wrong. At the moment, i'm using Carley's for about 6 weeks and am still not sure if it works- you all know how it is... If there are some good results from Acnexus I may try that next if Carley's doesn't work out.

BTW, I've used Murads which was terrible, Clearasil products the same, ProActive worked for me a little bit and just didn't feel healthy, Carley's feels like my skin is very healthy, but acne has been wavering so I don't know yet. Also taking fish oils, vitamin C, ALA, Green T and others off and on.

good luck to you guys, hope this is a product that finally works!!

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I think most Acne products start out with some kind of tricky advertising in the beginning. They do this to help get the product going, then they can use real positive testimonials ( or not if they really are just a scam ). Like I said though, that doesn't mean the product doesn't work. It's up to the initial guinee pigs to see if it really does what they say... only time will tell I guess...

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I tried this stuff - had good and bad results. Yes, it made my skin super soft and really nicely moisturized..and it looked great for 4 or 5 days...then i broke out really really bad. I had to stop using it and go back to the regimen, and I'm still trying to get my face back to normal. Must have either just had too many oils in it and clogged up my pores or I had a reaction to one of the 70 ingredients. I hope other people have better luck.

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hmmm my turn.

Well I must say that I honestly really like this stuff, but it's not worth re-ordering.

Acnexus is actually the best cleanser I've ever used, but that's only because of my previous failures. Clearasil face washes destroyed me, Cetaphil irritated me, and Goat Milk and other soaps clogged my pores (I really hate to sound like I'm bashing the GMR, because it really works for many other people, but not for me).

Acnexus is just a good cleanser. That's it. It feels good when applied, has no BP/SA, and makes my skin feel invigorated. As a matter of fact, my skin has improved slightly since I started using it. It cleared away all the small little closed pores that the soaps gave me, but I realized that any gentle cleanser could probably do that job too. The bottom line is - Acnexus will not solve your skin problems.

I knew the 3-in-1 thing was a lie all along, I just wanted it's cleansing. There's no way I can wash my face then not moisturize. Unless you've just taken accutane or something, there's no way a simple face wash can cure you of acne.

If I had the money, I would maybe continue ordering this. Ordering on the internet is a hassle and the 30$ just isn't worth it. I'm sure there are cheaper and easier-to-find products out there. I'm considering the one Ndnromeo is using.


Acnexus is a good cleanser, but will not "cure" your acne. False alarm people.

I'm going to finish my bottle just to be sure though. If I continue to see improvement, I might re-order and I would let you all know about my progress. I just want to emphasize to you all that this isn't a miracle cure.

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well ive been on acnexus for 2 weeks now. at first i thought it was clearing it all up - when i wasnt wearing make up and used it 3 times a day... but i have things to do and i need to wear make up if im going out... i dont always have time to wash my face and reapply my make up in the middle of the day.

i guess i expected some kind of miracle

but it doesnt seem to be working

the quality of my skin seems more healthy

but the acne hasnt gone away.. and continues to show up

i never wanted to try accutane cause its so bad for your body in the long run but im really considering it... i hate not wanting to go out because of my face. i hate putting on makeup first thing in the morning so that even my family cant see how awful it is. and its PAINFUL. my face hurts! ugh.

also - biodermazen didnt seem to do much

i am also doing IPL treatments that kill the ph acne bacteria (i think thats what its called). its a lower intensity treatment than fotofacial.. i've only done 3 so i dunno if its working yet.

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I got my Acnexus in the mail today. It came in a plain box and was post marked Utah. As I opened the package I could smell something odd. I thought maybe it had spilled but it hadn't. The bottle was actually larger than I thought, and to my surprise there were no directions(except on the bottle), no invoice, promotionals, or other literature that you usually receive with mail orders.

The bottle said to gently rub on the skin but it didn't mention wetting the face first, so I did it just the way it said, without water. Does anyone know if you're supposed to wet your face first? My skin feels nice, even though the product felt like I was washing my face with liquified beach sand. The smell is quite strong but not in a bad way; just a different way.

I'm hoping for the best but prepared if it doesn't work, as I've tried just about every over the counter product and most prescriptions, except for accutane. My condition is mainly rosacea on the nose with occcasional acne. Some prescriptions I've tried: Plexion cleanser, tazorac, various antibiotics, finacea and metrogel. I've also had about 4 laser treatments.

I'm wondering if Acnexus is a scam. I bought it very spur of the moment when I saw their website during an acne search. They claim to be big in Europe but if you do a search of "Acnexus" there's very little out there. I found this website, their own Acnexus site which is some kind of diet pill company, ebay and that's about it. If this is a product that 25,000 have used and is really big in Europe I would think there would be more info about it and more places selling it.

Anyone know how long it's been around?

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I just got my Acnexus in the mail today, and I'm a little worried. Like the person before me mentioned, it comes with no additional information, just the bottle by itself. I also read the bottle, and on the side it says ..."by cloggin pores". Yeah, they forgot the 'g' on clogging... seems pretty sketchy to me. Anyways, just thought I would share. I'll let you guys know how it works out.

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I also read the bottle, and on the side it says ..."by cloggin pores". Yeah, they forgot the 'g' on clogging... seems pretty sketchy to me. Anyways, just thought I would share. I'll let you guys know how it works out.
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Cloggin? lol :surprised: I'll have to check my bottle when I get home.

Another weird thing was that on the box it came in there were stamps. Regular stamps like the ones you use at home when you mail a letter. Most companies have some kind of stamp machine. Also, on the website whenever I try to log into my account I get this weird error. They have number you can call, but they never answer. It's a recording and they get back to you, but I didn't bother to leave a message.

Anyway, this morning I used it in the shower with my face damp and it went on better. I think that's how I'll do it now rather than just putting it on my dry face. My face looks and feels good, but it felt good with other scrubs like Neutrogena's Stress Scrub, so only time will tell whether it's worth the $$$.

I'm going to use twice a day and will try to update weekly.

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I have a small review here.


A few more on the first page of that thread too.

So far it's working good for me. My skin looked good before I tried it (I was having one of my "good" weeks) but I havent had a break out since Ive been using this stuff. And usually my "good" weeks alternate with "bad" weeks, so Im excited to have clear skin for almost 2 weeks straight now.

Im using twice a day with no moisturizers. I still consider this stuff in a probationary period since I was pretty clear the first time I used it, but if I STAY clear, then I will order another bottle and swear by it. Although it isnt working for everyone, it seems to be working for me.

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After only 2-3 days, I can see a difference. My face is more clear and the redness on and around my nose seems to be going away. I really recommend this product.

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