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My worst breakout EVER.

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I hope Im not breaking any rules with this post. Im new here. And Im in a serious need of help.

From age 16 up to now, 20 years of age, I had very mild acne with one or two acne popping up here and there which I control with benzoyle peroxide. However just 1 week ago, my face exploded with pimples! my left and right side of my cheeks are now covered with large,deep,red pi pimples(Cist?) !!! I was horrified! It came just in a few days if I remember well. I know it came fast. Being new to such a thing I have no idea what situation I am in now. Do I have moderate acne or a serious case of acne ? I have uploaded pictures in the members gallery, 2 pictures of both my left and right cheeks. My forehead is pretty much the same and I left it out. Might post it later.

Guys, I need some comments on what Im facing and some serious advice. Please view my Album in my profile(you can access it there yes?). It has really impacted my self confidence in looking people in the face and has made me very conscious. Id really appreciate your help, people.


Edit* I just realized my pictures needed to be approved before anyone can view them, sorry.

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You definitely look irritated.

Try to think back at what may have precipitated this breakout. Did you change any of your facial products?

Since you mentioned having luck with benzoyl peroxide in the past, and your acne does look inflammatory, please try using Dan's regimen. It works very well for acne that looks like yours.


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WOW. I remember when I had my worst breakout ever. Your skin looks irritated. You need to treat it with some TLC. I would recommend that you use a gentle cleanser like desert essence tea tree bar. It is really gentle and all natural. You can get it from a health food store. Wash your face like Dan does on his videos on his website. Barely touching the face. This made my face clear up alot. Use a gentle moisturizer once a day, and you will need to treat your pimples. Good options are benzoyl peroxide or tea tree oil. Make sure you dilute the tea tree oil with something if you use it. Also it would be helpful to schedule a derm appointment. Time and patience will heal.

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OMG. That is EXACTLY what i am going through right now as well. It just started to break out really bad and i don't ever get that way. The way your face looks is exactly how mine is right now, and I'm so feeling your frustration and curiosity as to why it happened. I traced mine back to how it started and i believe just like the other people said that your face got irritated. I switched my face wash for three weeks and that's when it all started, then i started taking these vitamins that sort of messed with my hormones so i believe that combo together just jacked up my face. But i started using a gentle cleanser like cetaphyl or neutrogena oil free acne wash and then used benzyl peroxide (benzaclin perscribed by my doctor) and moisturized. I'm also on minocin that helps with the cystic acne, and it's only now that it's just slowly beginning to heal..really really slowly..which sucks, i started breaking out in january, and every week new pimples just kept forming until bam my face was filled with pimples. But i agree that you need to see a derm or your doctor to see what they can do to help you. Hang in there, i have my depressing moments, but just remember that it takes time, and try not to expect things to happen quickly. Good luck! And let us know how it goes!

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Hey guys, thanks for you feedback and advise! Sorry I haven't replied and all coz I was facing my mid-sem exams for my U so I was really studying the late nights and all...

I actually started Dan's regiment but with 5% BP for the first week, the same stuff I have used to zap my previous mild acne popping up here and there for I coudlnt find any 2% products here(Australia). Boy, did the acne clear up fast! Then I ordered Dan's 2%BP. It felt great and all but...I cant help but think like...."this stuff is not working" Coz....I cant FEEL it working. Its like Im just messaging an empty gel into my face....

Anyway... After clearing up abit, with a few of them buggers left here and there, especially at the jaw line, theres quite alot of pigmentation(?) or black marks left behind.... these are not scars right? It will go away ?How long? anything I can do to speed up recovery? Tea tree oil? Im really not sure...first time Im having such a breakout, as Ive said.

Also my skin is really uneven and "blotchy" if you know what I mean. I did up pictures of my skin ... but then again...it takes time to be approved by the moderator. Ill remember to upload FIRST next time.

Once again, I need advise. Im quite the pimple "noob" here.

Appreciate your feedback. Thanks

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I had similar reaction to using Dans BP after a few months of use i had to quit altogether. Been BP free since September and its been a rocky ride but hoping a more natural approach will eventually sort me out.

Anyway in terms of you - Stress and lack of sleep can be big factors to irritated skin and as you commented on your exams and late nights of studying this could be the cause! a few weeks of less stress and early nights might help supplement your current regimen

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I actually had my breakout before i started slugging out for my studies.


Im on Dan's regimen(still experimenting with a few moisturizers). But the first two weeks I used 5% BP. Starting with2% one which i ordered and just arrived. doesnt FEEL like it works. I hope it is....

*Edit : 2 more pictures waiting to be approved....

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I am also going through the SAME exact thing you are going through. Had an interview one month ago, my mom suggested I put some concealer on, so I did, and at the same time I also began using neutrogena acne wash. Ever since then I have just had a total breakout, some days slightly better or worse than others, but it covers my face with lots of blotchy red spots, pimples, scars, whiteheads, etc.

Yesterday I stopped using the acne wash and I'm just going to wash several times a day only with water. I'll let you know how I'm doing in a few days! I also have finals in the next several days so hopefully they wont be too stressful

BTW I do think sleep has a big impact

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Yeah, I stopped using the neutrogena stuff a couple nights ago. Hopefully my skin will begin to clear soon. That neutrogena stuff is probably great if your skin is just an oil factory, but my skin is not super oily always....the neutrogena stuff just dried me up and stripped my skin a lot, and I think it actually caused some of my very irritated large red spots now. It was very harsh on my skin. I am letting mother nature do her magic now.

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neutrogena=THE DEVIL.

thats all i got to say.

i never broke out in my life before till i used neutrogenas BP/SA stuffs. freaking devil.

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yeah, since late january i got breakout and go to derm but somehow not heal my acne

and somehow i keep getting new breakout everyday...

i dunno whether iritation, but like jonniesan, i get worst breakout ever...

since my breakout -> i got to derm and get mino and dalamicyn gel

then since the proggress slow plus i dont like taking antibiotics for long time, i after 1month half

then i start dkregime, but it makes lots more worst

from what i read, it should be new regime breakout, but what i experience it making my face worst rather than healing up...

then i try to find more mild treatment, go to paula bha

somehow until now i still getting breakout

should i stop all things to prevent further iritation ?

and try over again after the iritation goes off ?

or keep pushing with the regime ?

hope can get suggestion even this is not my thread

thank you

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I used to break out quite bad until i was actually out of money for a shor period so i just used water to wash my face in the morning and water and apple cider vineger as a toner at night. Ever since i havent had a cyst. I also changed my diet however when i did re-introduce products my skin broke out alittle more again. It certainly isnt for everyone, but if you have the confidence to ditch the products and get through the intial breakout period you may find you skin will start to re-build its own natural defenses and you may start to clear up again.

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yeah i notice using just water to wash face with any treatment stuff somehow works in reducing breakout

but the problem is i got comedos acne, which really hard to get rid...

it just like stay on my face like that doing nothing for long long time...

now trying bha to get ride them... but the bad is the breakout still going on....

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