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My worst Breakout ever

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I hope Im not breaking any rules with this post. Im new here. And Im in a serious need of help.

From age 16 up to now, 20 years of age, I had very mild acne with one or two acne popping up here and there which I control with benzoyle peroxide. However just 1 week ago, my face exploded with pimples! my left and right side of my cheeks are now covered with large,deep,red pi pimples(Cist?) !!! I was horrified! It came just in a few days if I remember well. I know it came fast. Being new to such a thing I have no idea what situation I am in now. Do I have moderate acne or a serious case of acne ? I have uploaded pictures in the members gallery, 2 pictures of both my left and right cheeks. My forehead is pretty much the same and I left it out. Might post it later.

Guys, I need some comments on what Im facing and some serious advice. Please view my Album in my profile(you can access it there yes?). It has really impacted my self confidence in looking people in the face and has made me very conscious. Id really appreciate your help, people.


Edit* I just realized my pictures needed to be approved before anyone can view them, sorry.

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Zapzyt 10% Benzoyl Peroxide

Apply it to all the problem areas and keep reapplying it throughout the day.

In 3 days or so you should see a improvement.

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You have to attack acne where it starts, with your diet. For me, diet was the cause and solution. Topical medications fight the symptoms. Start by eliminating trans fats and eating more fruits and vegetables. Once you start cleaning up the inside of your body, by eating properly, the outside of your body (your skin) will be get cleaned up too. I started a website to document my problem and solution.


You might find it helpful to read my story. Just remember to eat an all natural/organic diet with lots of fruits and vegetables. Stay away from processed foods. Use mild, all natural cleansers and don't pick at your face. Get lots of sleep and enough water for your body weight. Remember, clean body = clean skin. While you're waiting for your skin to clear, remind yourself that acne is a challenge that you will overcome soon. Once you're rid of it, tell all your friends how you did it. That's what I'm doing. God Bless.


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