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Yesterday I had my first treatment of Microdermabrasion, I was really impressed, my skin

was glowing and it really cleaned out all my pores, my skin tone looked slightly better and

that was just after one treatment. I have mild acne, mainly blocked pores with the odd inflamed spot. My skin had been great for many years until last year I'm nealry 40 now! I just wondered if anyone else has tried it and what they thought of it. I know that you have to have regular (6-8 weeks) treatments to keep up the benefits, but I think I can cope with that as long as my skin is clear. Look forward to hearing others comments. :)

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I had about 6 sessions last year and was kind of impressed. After the treatment my skin was smooth and glowing as you described. This lasted about 5-6 days but then the spots started to come back. The lady explained to me that because my acne was hormonal, even though the microdermabrasion could control it, it would never be a cure for my acne. I've also heard a lot of people who had good results with this, so fingers crossed it works for you.

Keep us posted :)

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I had a whole series done..6 weeks of weekly ones then 11 months of monthly ones.

Once it was all said and done I'm not sure how much it helped scar/acne wise. I will say however, that micro totally got rid of the 11 lines and fine lines near my eyes. My skin is very smooth. I think it may have helped some with red marks but I don;t know if it was the micro or other things I was/am using.

Whatever you decide make sure you go to a very reputable place because micro is no joke and if done wrong and rip layers of your skin right off.

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Yes a bad micro job can be extremely damaging

Also do not even go near the outside ( Sun ) for 5 minutes without Serious Sunblock or some other thing to cover your face, You will cause irreversible damage and blotches that do not go away, Seriously even 5 minutes can be harmful

Also after spending $$$$ on a very well qualified Micro Tech, Derma-specialist I am not sure whether or not it was worth it, the effects wear off quickly and I think honestly I see more results from the Rejuvenol then anything else I have ever used.

Anyone else have anything to share?

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just make sure you are not pregnant, taking blood thinners like aspirin, and very sensitive skin.

Micro usually isnt harmful if you start at a low level first. Normally, a really good esthetician will start someone off at a low level and work its way up on the follow up visits.

Intake sheets are important for you and the professional.

"Women who are pregnant or nursing should also avoid microdermabrasion, as their results may be impacted due to hormonal changes in their body. "

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i gone thru 8 sessions of this its just helpful for a peroid of time but after 3 or 4 months acne is back again i done this when i was 17 im 20 now planning to getting it done again well i guess u have to keep doing it continously for a 1 or 2 years then ull get +ve result.

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