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So what got rid of your active acne?

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I noticed a lot of people listing great products for treating scars no longer have active acne. So what product or 2-3 product combo was it that kicked the active acne problem.

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doxy + duac + some sulfur shit im scared it might come back though since doxy + duac both contain antibiotics (which can eventually wear off)

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I'm doing a series of 4 - 6 smoothbeam treatments right now to help me with:

- acne (mild, but very persistent)

- minor scarring

- oily skin

It's supposed to help with all three as it shrinks oil glands and promotes collagen growth. People here have reported mixed results with all three goals. I'm only 2 weeks post my first treatment so I won't be in a position to say how well it's working until at a few weeks after my third treatment.

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In no order....


Plexion TS(sulfur sulfactemide)

Micocycline( two months, then stopped cold turkey)

(the first 3 were take together, I only use differin now)


And most importantly...


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But I haven't even heard of half this stuff. That said I take it their all prescription. I just recently switched off coffee and am taking this tea which is supposed to flush the liver and be good for acne and eczema Echinacea purpurea° root, pau d'arco, dandelion root (raw° & roasted), sarsaparilla and cinnamon bark°, ginger° and burdock° roots and , a pinch of sassafras bark and sweet leaf.

Whats the best to start with? Ive heard horror stories about accutane and would prefer to go the non-prescription route. My acne is not as bad as it was when I was younger, (Im 28.) but Id like to kick it all together without overdrying. I currently use a cleanser, phytocort acne gel in the morn (tea tree oil and aloe vera) and bp at night.?

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You should probably research the various treatments before actually trying them.

I don't think there is a best thing to start with, just what works for each person. Some people might prefer to try non-prescription ways and others might prefer to see a Dermatologist.

I had severe cystic acne and the only thing that helped me was Accutane. However, other people have things that worked for them.

Unfortunately, it's all trial and error since everyone's body chemistry is different.

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I've been taking Doyx for quite awhile now. Decided to stop taking

it this past March. Haven't gotten a cyst yet. I'm thinking that because

I had taken it for so long, my acne has stabilized.

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