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Hey all,

I'm new to the board so i'm looking forward to hearing your feedback. I never had acne until 3 years ago, i only broke out on my forehead. I tried everything from tazorac, retin a, and tetracycline. The only thing that worked was Proactiv which took 5 months to actually clear up. I was clear for about a year and a half, until stupid me changed my skin routine to origins, which was a big no no. My face basically got pissed at me and i broke out worse than i ever have. I have cystic acne and is all over my face now, i have scars on my cheeks and right now i'm taking minocin and benzyclin. I still use proactiv as my wash, my doctor told me that i can use proactiv as the wash, but i didn't ask him if i should still use the 3 step and then over it, to use the benzyclin. I tried it both ways and there's no difference..so i'm just wondering if you guys think it's okay to still use the proactiv 3 step and then over it the benzyclin?!?! please let me know what you guys think! Thanks!

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good thing you came here . I had no idea either until I cam to this board.

I used proactiv too and that stuff wreaked havoc on my skin. It was working but dried my skin so badly I was flaking all over the place.

the problem with proactiv is the cleanser! that stuff will ruin your face. You need to ditch the cleanser AND the Toner all together and keep the step 3 repairing lotion. Proactiv only works because of step 3.

So this is what I am doing

cetaphil cleaner, Proactiv BP ( just unitl I run out and get Dan's), cetaphil mositure.

you have to ditch that cleanser.

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BP will make some prescription meds unstable. Please wait for a moderator or someone that is also on presciption meds before proceeding with the Proactiv Step 3. I do agree with the above poster that you shlould ditch the Proactiv cleanser and toner. Many people have discovered, including myself, that initially the Proactiv will work but after awhile the acne comes back much worse. Nearly everyone agrees that it was the cleanser and toner that were the culprits. Try a more gentle cleaner like Purpose or Cetaphil. I have been seeing the Olay foaming cleanser being recommended alot also. But please please please wait for more advice on using the BP with your current meds. Lorrie

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I think you ought to get a more gentle cleanser, as suggested by the above posters. But I don't think you should use BP because you're already doing enough... Try to be gentle with your skin, you don't want to irritate it.

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thanks guys for your input. But i'm just really scared to switch, that was the cause of my new breakout because i switched. I noticed that whenever i switch face washes i tend to break out really bad and the only thing that kept acne away was the proactiv...i'm on my 4th month going on my 5th and i'm just trying to be patient with it because i remember when i broke out a couple years ago it took 5 months for me to clear up with the proactiv, but then again it wasn't as bad as it is now. But i feel like i shouldn't change and keep with the proactiv because i notice when i don't use it i break out pretty bad. OMG..i dunno what to do! i'm freakin! (sorry!) :cry:

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