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Blood Tests????? Whats that all about

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So whats with the whole blood test thing? what do they look for? how many times do they take blood? what happens if you have to stop? Do you have to check your blood? If anyone can please give me some info that would be great. Im thinkin about getting on accutane but im afraid of needles and stuff like that. Please respond



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Hi. They give blood tests to monitor how your body is reacting to the medication (through your cholesterol levels) and as pregnancy test but I'm assuming you are a male so that would be irrelevant. But regardless, they need to take your blood every month and there's no getting out of it. I'm not a needle person either but the benefits of Accutane far outweigh my fear of needles. The best I can tell you to do is chew gum to relieve tension, don't look at the needle, and talk to the nurse while she's doing it. That will get your mind off of it. Good luck!

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Man the fuck up!


I find hospital nurses are real good with their sticks, you wont even feel it.

And what do you mean by "what happens if you have to stop?" Like if you abort mid blood draw? I guess they'd have to stick you again if you want the next months supply of accutane.

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It's primarily for liver function and lipid level (cholesterol and triglycerides). Accutane has been shown to cause higher levels of triglycerides and wear on the liver. You have to be tested once a month or you can't get a new scrip.

Testing is important. My liver enzymes were up this month so my derm had to lower my prescription. Sucks since I might be on it longer now, but it's worth keeping my liver healthy!

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You can hardly feel the needle in blood tests. At least i cant although apparently i got some nice veins. My sister ended up being stabbed 7 times before they struck a bleeder tho :wacko:

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