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(Last edited by Rossignol, 6th February 2006 - updating content and editing information)

(Last edited by Rossignol, 5th August 2004 - pinned thread and added information.)

(Last edited by Rossignol, 8th August 2004 - added links for top products.)

(Last edited by Rossignol, 12th November 2004 - moved thread to red marks forum - I feel it is more appropriate here, as the products are typically more effective on red marks than actual scars)

This Thread details the (mainly topical) products that members of the board have found most effective in helping to reduce their red marks and improve overall skin condition. The list is not exhaustive, but most of the people posting have tried a huge amount of products, therefore these have been tried and tested!!!

To view people's actual product ratings, please look at the product rating section of acne.org - here is the link: http://www.acne.org/rate.php

To sum up, here are brief summaries of the top 5 products mentioned:

1.Puredeming Intense gel - a serum that is applied daily for approx. 1 hour, contains high quality natural ingredients that will improve skin condition and help with healing, in particular alpha lipoic acid and DMAE which have been cited as helping to reduce red marks and very shallow scarring. Available here: Puredeming

Here is a thread containing info about the intense gel: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...topic=15937&hl=

2. Lactic acid peels - a relatively gentle form of AHA acid peel, which helps remove dead skin cells, thereby improving skin tone. They may, over time, help reduce very shallow scarring, and can be extremely effective on diminishing red marks. Available here Puredeming, and, for stronger versions, here: Logan wood skincare

Here is a thread containing useful info:http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...&hl=lactic+acid

3. Copper peptides products - help with skin healing and promote collagen production. Especially useful when combined with a procedure such as skin needling or microdermabrasion. There are several different varieties that vary in intensity, although the more intense versions can be more likely to cause acne breakouts. Available here: Skin Biology

Here is a thread containing more info: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...copper+peptides

4= Emu oil - a natural oil extracted from the fat glands of emus that have been killed for their meat. It is, therefore a by product - emus are not killed to produce the oil. It contains high amounts of essential fatty acids and vitamin E and is therefore beneficial for skin healing. It is good as an overall moisturiser as it is very non-comedogenic. Has reduced redness in scars for some people. Also, it is a carrier oil and may increase efficiacy of other products such as BP and manuka oil when applied after these. - Available here: Ebay

Here is a thread: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...topic=19181&hl=

4= Manuka Honey products - again, helps with skin healing and is very antibacterial and antifungal, therefore guarding against future breakouts. Manuka OIL is even more potent. Manuka honey and oil are both available in a variety of products but the one most highly recommended is Living nature's Manuka oil and honey gel. Available here: Living Nature and here: Comvita

5= Smoothbeam - not technically a 'product', it is a form of non-ablative laser which many members have undergone with moderate to excellent success. There is more information in the FAQ.

5= jojoba oil - like emu oil, a non-comedogenic natural moisturiser derived from the liquid wax of the jojoba nut. Contains high amounts of vitamin E, thereby beneficial for skin healing. It may help with healing red marks, but has very little effect on scarring, however.

5= C+C blackhead clearing scrub - helps exfoliate skin thereby improving skin texture and red marks. May, over time, help reduce some very shallow scarring.

5= TCA complex products - a more intense form of acid peel, TCA peels come with a significant downtime, unlike lactic acid or glycolic acid peels. However, they can be much more effective on red marks and shallow scarring. For deeper scarring, the CROSS method of applying 100% TCA can be effective. However, it is recommended that this is performed by a doctor. More information is contained in the FAQ.

Anyone else, feel free to add your favourite products to the thread! :)

It is unlikely that these products will completely clear your scarring, but they may help improve your skin condition and your overall complexion, helping with skin healing, reduction of inflammation and minimization of light scarring.


As the year draws to a close i thought we could type down what products we have found this year and rate the best ones.

Here's my small list:

1. PureDeming Intense Gel

2. Bio Oil. Here is some more info about this product: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...topic=19108&hl=

3. PEL Super Rich Moisturizer

4. Cetaphil cleansing wash

5. Calendulis Plus cream

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My favorites:

Mary Kay Deep Cleanser, Neutrogena Alcohol Free Toner, PD Intense Gel and Super CP.

May 2004 bring even better products to us all!!!


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I know it's not a product, but Smoothbeam should be in the list as well. It's relatively affordable and it improves the skin the right way by doing it gradually over time.

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I love Sage's Facial Shampoo and their Grains. Their BP also does not irritate my skin like oxy or neutrogena. 20% smoothing cream and/or gel is great for my skin!

Puredeming Intense Gel


Prescriptives All You Need Moisturizer (for oilier skin)

hmmmm...I'm sure there is more.... :-k

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-Pure Deming Gel

-SB Super Serum

-TCA Complex

*Oh yeah, Maya reminded me! How could I forget about the Manuka Honey and Oil Gel by Living Nature!? Their manuka oil, too.

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Oh this is a difficult one ...

Jojoba and Emu oil

Lactic peels

Manuka honey products

Manuka oil

Pure deming Intense Gel

Pure Deming Castille soap

50/100% TCA

Papaya soap

Top 2 being my ultimate will do it forever ...

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C&C Blackhead Clearing Scrub

C&C Continuous Control Acne Wash

Pro Activ Spot Treatment

Pro Activ Refining Mask

Clinique Moisture In-Control Oil-Free Moisturizer


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1. Fresh made veg. juices (best "product" for the skin beauty!)

2. PureDeming Intense Gel

3. Boscia Oil-Free Daily Hydration, SPF 15

4. Tretinoin/Retin-A

5. Dove volume shampoo/cond.

#1 always on the top, will use forever

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Guest Scorpioness

1) Kinerase cream

2) Manuka honey products

3) PureDeming IG

4) colloidal oatmeal

5) mandelic acid

In that order. Lately because of winter dryness I've had to nourish my skin more. Retin A tears up my skin if I use too much... the Kinerase, manuka honey and colloidal oatmeal heal up the irritation much faster and more completely than the PureDeming gel, IMHO.

I'm exited to try Curryboy's Papaya Soap and the Amino Plex spray. I already ordered the soap. I plan to order the spray sometime after Xmas. :-)

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-------C&C blackhead clearing scrub-----------

I have never tried it, it looks like an ordinary peeling? What is so special about this product?

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Cleanser: Purpose

Toner: Diluted Vinegar *edited 8/6/2004 - Now I use Paula's Choice toner which I prefer the smell of*

Peels: Lactic Acid by Makeup Artists Choice. smile.gif

*edited 8/6/2004 - I also use ReFine Serum a few times a week as a moisturizer*

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Guest Tracy

Pure Deming Intense Gel


55% Lactic Peel from Makeup Artists Choice


10% & 15% Mandelic Acid Serums


CP Serum from Skinbiology


Papaya Enzyme Mask from Esthetically Yours


Pure Deming Castille Soap


Jojoba Oil


Emu Oil


Eucerin Daily Control & Care Moisturizer


Total Block Clear SPF65 or Total Block COTZ SPF58 sunscreens


Curryboy's Papaya Soap


HAIRCARE: Bodyweath Wholesome Natural Shampoos & Conditioners


Edited to remove products I no longer enjoy.

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Since coming on this board I have seen improvement in my skin using these products:

Pure Deming Intense Gel

CP Serum

30% Gycolic acid

Emu Oil (love it as a night mousteriser)

Jojoba Oil

and diluted vinegar as toner

Thanks again guys for recommending these products! Thank god for acne.org!

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The only products I have found that actually work for my red marks, shallow / small pits is (and I have tried everything... normal / super CP, lactic acid 50% peels, retin-a, vinegar, godiva stuff, hydroquinine, skin culture peel...) glycolic acid 10% cream. And to a smaller extent mandelic acid 15%.

I can't wait to start using stronger glycolic peels in the new year.

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1) Paula's Choice 2% Beta Hydroxy Acid

2) Pure Deming Intense Gel

3) 40% Lactic Peel from Makeup Artists' Choice

4) Lipid Recovery System from skincarerx.com

5) Differin Cream

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Thanks Will for the info on the Bio Oil. Seems like the Calendula is a key ingredient in some of your favorites. Are these products mostly for reducing redness? Do you have rosacea or excema?

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1. Pure Deming Intense Gel

2. Pure Deming Mini Peel

3. Scotch Tape

These (and more BP) are the only changes to my skin care regimen and I met my ex-girlfriend for dinner last night (she's known me for over 5 years from the age of 24) and she said she's never seen my skin looking so good, ever, she was honestly amazed (I have no spots, the tone has evened out and she said my skin was glowing), so she's decided to get some of the PD products for herself (she was a bit worried that I was becoming a 'metrosexual' though smile.gif) .

I have you guys on this site to thank for my new complexion, words can not express my gratitude to everyone on the site for their advice and knowledge.

Merry Xmas (or Happy Holidays as they say in the US) to all.


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Where are you getting the manuka honey?

I got it from skincarerx but it smells so strong. (nice smell) But no way i want to carry this smell all day. Tell me people, and also where do you get the Bio-Oil= emu oil????

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My favorite products which help me to get rid of my acne,melasma are:

1)10% Mandelic acid serum(controls acne,melasma and acne discolorations)This is my 12th month of using mandelic acid and i just love it.

2)Eucerin extra protective lotion with SPF 30

3)Almay smoothing skin refinisher(i use this as my night cream and it has brightened my complexion)

4)Maybelline Everfresh makeup with spf 14,Nude shade(never broke me out)

5)Queen helen mint julep mask(a wonderful mask to tighten the pores)

6)Pears glycerin soap to wash my face.

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