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How I beat acne! Read this,it might help u.

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Things I used:

1)Vitamin A,C and F mild cleanser to encourage new skin cells growth.

2)Neutrogena On-The-Spot Treatment(seldom)

3)Neutrogena Skin Clearing Toner(After cleansing)

4)St Ives Apricot Scrub ( Twice a week)

5)Drinking Water*

6)Facial Cottons ( Used in conjuction with Toner )

Greetings people, I am a 16 year old teenage who suffered from mild-moderate acne. I have no cysts but occasionally gets those huge pimple attack(for instance two pimples combining into one).Well, I finally found a way to battle acne and bring it straight to hell! YAY smile.gif

The first thing I would like to place emphasis on is WATER.I used to think water isnt gonna help me in clearing my pimples.Boy was I wrong! I now personally think its the MOST important ingredient of all.I drink 5-6 litres everyday and I pee every 20 minutes or so. Sounds crazy isnt it? It's possible because I can stay at home as I am having a break from school.

Once I started drinking water , my pimples slowly cleared up. I rarely have breakouts anymore. And if there is a breakout, It would not progress into a HUGE pimple but instead shrink or go away on its own.NO RED MARKS ANYMORE YAY! Water is my saviour.

Well this is what I do other than drinking water 24/7

1)Wake up in the morning and use the vitamin A/C/F cleanser.

2)Wait for 5 mins for skin to dry

3)Apply Neutrogena SkinClearing Toner with a facial cotton.(It consist of natural plant extracts and it is supposed to help regulate sebum to help control pimples).It is also very effective against Red marks as it calms and soothes redness and irritation.Maintains skin's natural moisture level to protect it from dehydration too!

4)Repeat the whole process in the evening.

It's that simple isnt it? It doesnt even take me 20 minutes to finish the whole procedure.And now I am left with a healthy,glowing and radiant skin. I now only have to deal with a few red marks which is fading tremendously fast! I think only two more weeks and I am clear!

Some side notes:

1)I use neutrogena 2.5% on the spot treatment if I find any breakout on first sight. Yes if i find a bump on the skin, I would put the cream immediately after applying the toner. DO NOT wait until it surfaces. If it surfaces, it will be RED! If u apply OTC treatment before the pimple surfaces,it will gradually shrink to a small dot and u can peel it off easily as it dries up.Drinking water is a MUST! I think there are no more toxins in the body to enlarge the pimple as I drink SO much water that it flushes out all the toxins.

2) So how do u know if there are no toxins in ur body and ur drinking enough water ? Easy! If ur pee is clear, it means your good!Drink water,more water and more water!

3)I also exfoliate twice a week with St Ives Apricot Scrub to get rid of dead skin.Seems to help clear red marks.

4)I dont go on a diet, I dont change my bedsheets, I dont stop masturbating.I dont use a moisturizer either. I guess the toner and the mild cleanser helps a lot as it doesnt remove moisture from my skin.Drinking a lot of water seems to help keep my skin moisturized too.Bumps under skin which seems to last forever shrinks to nothingness too.

Well that's about it.I hope I have helped somebody with my personal experiences,I personally feel drinking water and the toner is the most important.

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