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I bet this has been answered plenty of times, but I need to ask anyways. I'm about half way through Month 2 and I've started to get this pink/red rash on my upper right arm (around the bicep) and on my lower left arm around the elbow. It's NOT flush with the skin and is considerably drier than the skin around it. At first it was only a dot or two but now it's spread quite a bit. Is this common, and what should I do?

I guess I'm just assuming this is from the Accutane, but I never get allergic rashes or anything like that.

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Hi bfrey - I know what you're talking about, I've got a nasty rash which started on my shoulder and has now spread all over my chest, stomach, back and arms and now rising up to my neck, eek! I am moisturising religiously and am seeing my doc on Monday too. Good luck!

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U guys probably have Dermatitis, no dramas! just some cream will do... i used SIGMA Sigmacort 1% cream.. only 1 day and i can see and feel a big difference already... ask your Derm next time u see he/her.

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i had this problem too

someone reccommended hyprocortisone cream and it was gone withing 3 days.

normal moisturiser was doing nothing for me.

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I had the same issue around by 6th week...started as small areas around the back of my hands and travelled to my elbows and biceps. Went away for a bit but now it's back again.

I found that aquaphor actually helped a lot...if you put it on at night (you prob don't want to go out with it on). I also used lubriderm advanced therapy lotion.

Nothing to get too worried about!

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