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A friend of my mums was saying that her daughter had acne, and also had inflammed adenoids. When the adenoids where removed, her acne stopped.

Does anyone know if there would be a link between acne and the adenoids? Or if it's just coincidence or something else entirely.

If it is the case, I'd have my adenoids removed tomorrow morning.

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Might be true in some cases, but then again I'm one of those believers that most people's acne is totally relative and there is no one cure, I think everyone has different underlining reasons for having acne. For myself I had my adenoids removed when I was young so it's not the reason I have acne ... unless removing them caused the acne :wall: .

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That's really strange because adenoids go away as you reach adult-hood. They are only present in children. I had my tonsils out at age 20 and had no adenoids at that time at all.

Here's a link All About Adenoids

I wonder if the inflamed adenoids were just causing her immunity to be weakened ... allowing bacteria to grow in her pores and elsewhere? dunno?

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I just remember someone saying that adenoids can cause allergies, and allergies in turn can cause acne. I'm 100% certain my acne is allergy related.

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