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Hi all,

I'm 17 years old and from Birmingham, England. I suffer with VERY bad acne on my face, chest and my back; which is the worst. I even get spots on the tops of my legs. I've had acne for the past 3 years and it's just as bad now as it's ever been.

My dermatologist has prescribed me all sorts of oral medications as well as creams and lotions but all have come to nothing. I haven't seen the slightest improvement with anything.

For me to be a candidate for Roaccutane I need permission from my psychologist due to be being a sufferer of OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). I am on 100mg of Clomipramine each day to control obsessional thoughts and although my thoughts are currently stabilized the psychiatrist won't allow me on Roacctuane!

I was told that there is a 2% chance of Roaccutane turning a "normal" person psychotic. Therefore, with me being a sufferer of OCD the chances are increased... but by how much? He then went on to say there was a chance it could turn me into a schizophrenic, which would quite literally be the end of the road for me.

So I am now currently taking oral medication for my acne which has ZERO effect.

I would have treatments such as microdermabrasion if only I could afford it since I would have to go private.

I have recently found out that Roaccutane can be purchased online from the States.

Do you think it is worth the risk? I cant go on with my acne the way it is and am prepared to take the serious risks that go with Roaccutane when suffering with OCD!

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Hey, how long have you been on the meds for OCD? If you are stablilized with your OCD, could you talk to your doctor about trying to slowly come off them and see how your OCD does? If he were to agree and you were able to come of the medication and still be stabilized then there is no reason why he shouldn't let you try Accutane.

Also, you could try explaining to him that your acne perhaps contributes to your OCD? ANd that it is causing you a lot of anxiety. If you explain that taking care of the acne would help your OCD as well as your anxiety he may reconsider.

I don't think taking Accutane would turn you into a skitzo over night. If you were to begin treatment and monitored your moods and behaviour closely then you should be ok.

ANother idea is to get the support of your parents. If you parents support you, have them come in and talk to the doctor with you. It will carry a lot of weight.

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