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i am going on accutane in 20 days and i am worried cus my face cleared up a tad and i have 5 pimpls and rest red marks and huge pores and am an oil slick but im afraid im actually growoing out of acne so should i actually still want to go on tane cus ive heard of people with like one zit want to go on it just so there skin will end up looking flawless and perfect like can someone actually please tell me will my skin look like fantastic after i take accutane will my pores reduce in size or appearnce will the oil be gonee will i have an even complexion basicly im just scared about going on it cus i really do think im growiong out of acne and im not so shure i should go on it

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hmm thats a difficult one if you think youre out growing acne.

personally, i wouldnt want to gamble. i would take the accutane. it will take time before you see positive effects but yes you will be less oily (which will already make your pores look less dilated) however, you may just have large pores, some peple do.

i am 5 weeks into my course and my skin is still in the process of pushing everything out so its looking little bumpy! my general skin tone and texture is also a little depressing but im looking at the bigger picture and in 3 or 4 months time my skin will be smooooth!!

it will probably take a month or 2 post the treatment for my skin tone to look better but i dont mind so much.

i would say go for it... imagine 6 months down the line... what if it flares up again? you'll wish you took it while you had the chance.

however, others will say dont use it if you think you dont need it, i wouldnt be able to take tht risk.

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