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Questions for Rosie re:needling

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Read your post about results with needling -


What type of scars did it work for?

You mentioned you had it done four times, how long did you wait between needling sessions and did you let your skin scab or keep it moist?

Thank you!!!!!!

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I had ice pick scars and a couple crater type scars. This is the process for my needling. You have it done then wait 30 days, Then you can have it done again and wait another 30 days, then wait 30 days and then another session. Wait six months for new skin growth, then start all over again. I waited 6 months and had it done last month, I will be doing my fifth session in about 10 days. I have seen alot of improvement about 80 percent. Most of the scars i'm having treated now look like large to medium size pores. I like to put hydrogen peroxide on the face after needling then I use a cream with olive oil, bees wax, and bee pollen. I try to let the scabs fall of naturally.

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Congratulation and thank you for replying.

Do you believe that your results are because the pits are being broken down by the needles or are your results from the extra collagen being built up and laid down due to the trauma? I ask because after co2 my skin looked better for a few years then when the collagen decreased I saw even more scars created by the laser. I would like to get needling but dont want to end up seeing needle scars a few years down the road.

I think its possible that a lot of the results seen from resurfacing techniques are actually a build up of collagen caused by the trama, but who's to say this trauma isnt creating new scars?

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I don't think anyone knows for sure how needling actually works. There have been no studies done with humans to determine if this is an adequate treatment for scars. I can only tell you of my results. The scar is certainly traumatized by the needle breaking down the elastic fibers of collagen within the scar. After the trauma has effected the scar the body responses by building collagen to heal the area that has been hurt. (just like if you cut your finger or scraped your knee). I certainly hope my scars do not come back, I'll just think about that when or if it happens, I'm concentrating on having a smooth complexion at this point in my life.

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Who did your needling and did they use a tatoo gun or a hand tool?

I don't want you to repeat yourself so if you have already discussed this can you point me to your post? Thanks!

I'm very happy for you and wish you continued success!

Mimi biggrin.gifbiggrin.gif

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Thanks for your reply.

Couple more questions, if you don't mind.

1. Did she needle your whole face or just the scars ?

2. Did she needle different areas at each visit or go over the same areas each time?

Many thanks,


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Mimi, She did my scars and some smile lines around my mouth. She goes over the same area everytime until she can see no other scars or shadows. When I go back next week she will hit the ones I have left and any other imperfections she can see. She uses a magnifying mirror so she is very thorough.

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