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I Am Going in Right Direction

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I educated myself and realised how stupid I have been. I have been getting red irritated skin for year's now. Never knew why, now I do.

I have been using products with FRAGRANCE in for year's on my face. I know, I'm stupid and FRAGRANCE is a killer on your face. Brandy even told me, I must of forgot. Sorry babe xx.

So, before I take the regimen again, I'm going to let my skin breathe with soothing ingredients such as chamonile and witch hazel, but importantly keep my products fragrance free.

THEN, my face should not flare as much throughout the weeks/months, and then I can start combating spots again. Thanks for reading.

PS wrote this on my PS3 ^^

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Hi Stocko,

I can't stand products with fragrance either. I hope your face feels better soon.

And way cool, you were able to post from a PS3!

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Lol yeh :P It's got a web browsers it's a sweet piece of kit.

I remember you telling me about Frangrance when I was using baby powder, you remember? Companies tend to trick you by using the french term, "Parfum". So watch out peeps!

I'll post screenshots of my skin progress people might find it interesting to see. Then I can go back on the regimen fully educated and prepared.

P.S. Of, and unfortunately the peoples favourite "Eucerin 5% Urea" has fragrance in it!

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alrite so i got a moisturizer i use during day (Neutrogena Health SPF 15)

this has fragrance in it... is it okay to use it? its on the recommended list

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