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shavers for guys

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Hi everyone.

Just wondering which manual razors you guys use.

I have severe acne and wondering which one is gentle and will not irritate my skin futher,

Thanks guys.


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i used to use the regular mach 3 types for the past 2 years when i had severe cystic acne..with lovely cysts all over my face..however, since ive' been on accutane, i dont have one active pimple, and what i do is i use this special shaving cream from edge, i forget the name, but it has extra moisturizer built into it and i think its non-comedgenic (i think thats wrong spelling) anyways,first i shave my neck with a regular mach 3 razor, then i shave my jaw lines carefully with the mach-3, then i move onto the rest of my face with the electric.. not havin cysts makes it very easy to shave with an electric...i constantly rinse the electric off in hot water to keep my face clean.. after i do that, i take my mach3 one last time and go over my entire face getting any spots i missed..

after that i sit in front of a fan, let my face dry reallly good, and slap on some aloe vera 100% fruitgel.. i only shave right before i goto bed..

when i had cysts, i used to shave in the shower, with no shaving cream, no mirror, and very gently hold my face under the water and run the razor across my face gently.. im so glad those days are over....thanks acctunane! :)

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u have to use an electic shaver on tane. moisturize first, then wait a few hours, then use the norelco smart touch xl. its 150 bucks or so but worth every penny.

shaving once a week or even every two weeks was the only way i avoided irritation on tane. also shave slow. the shaver should barely touch the face. use dabs instead of strokes. very very small circular motions at most. otherwise u'll irritate ur skin. i take an hour to shave while i watch tv or a movie. just dabbing it slowly. not too time consuming since i only do that once every two weeks.

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Thanks for all your helpfull advice.

I think I'll go for the electric shaver since it doesn't casue as much irritation.

Which electric shavers would you recommend out of the Braun or Phillips range?

Would something like the Synchro or 360 complete be ok?

Or ones that have like 3 shave things like Phillips Sensotec?

Do I add any thing on my face like water when using the electric shaver???



ps. sorry for being a pain.

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