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Hi im 14 living in London (england) and ive had acne for about 2 years. Now when I compare myself to other people with acne I get the impression that I am lucky becasue mine is not too bad (I think/hope). At school I hang out with a group of friends and no one really comments about my face.Anyway. everytime I look in the mirror i think to myself "fucking hell". I believe that I look ugly and im afraid to meet people. Let alone im very shy and I keep myself to myself. I let people come to me, not I come to them. I think its an anxiety problem or im really shy im not sure which.

Now i want to talk about something that is not really acne related but I just want to get it out of the way and just let it out. I have long hair (up to my shoulders) and every once in a while I get teased at (cos in Britain they have some intolerance towards boys with long hair). Now normally I just say stuff like "go fuck yourself" or "fuck off". But now I I feel that the next person who takes the piss out of me i think I may do something like punch them in the fucking face. let alone my acne that makes me feel like shit i cant stand it when people challenge me when im in a sensetive mood. I really feel like killing some people in my school.

Its late now and I want to go to sleep. I might post some more tommorow,

Please comment on this, thanks in advance.

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Guest Sincerely Me

A lot of kids at 14 are such assholes. You'd be surprised at how people mature over the years. In any case, it is good that people don't talk about your face and you have a group of friends! You are a whole lot better off than a bunch of other people, and it's cool that you have a good group to chill with.

As for the people that have an issue with your hair, you shouldn't bother giving them so much as a fuck you. Usually people will back off when they see it does not bother you. It is cliche, but definitely the truth since people do things for reactions, and the reactions give them a high or a good feeling. I wouldn't kill them or even think about it because from my viewpoint, they aren't even worth any energy it would take to do so.

I hope you feel better soon!

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yea man. i used to be an asshole at that age. but as age comes, so does maturity. and remember, mind of matter. if you tell yourself 'it dont mind' than it wont matter. simpler said than done though right?

i also feel similiar in the way where u would let people come to u and not u to them. dont sweat it. the once that come to u are the ones who see past the acne and are worth your time.

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