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I am new to this forum so I apologize if someone else has already posted this topic. (I tried a search but couldn't find this topic specifically).

I have had mild acne (blocked pores, oily T-zone, blackheads, white heads and some big spots) from the age of about 14 but always found that it completely disappeared when I went on holiday or lived abroad. Last month I returned from India where I had been for two months. The sun completely cleared up my skin leaving me to naively think my skin problems were over for good! But alas a few weeks after returning, my skin, especially on my forehead, is covered in blocked pores and tiny red (but not inflamed) spots. Not inflamed pustule acne just annoying mild-but-can't-get-rid of it acne.

It would appear that this acne has been caused by exposure to the sun and then completely stopping the sun-exposure. (I live in England where we have very little sun). I've read a few vague things online that say in fact sun exposure makes acne worse after a brief period of making it better. Clearly I am a perfect example of this! So, I now have the aim of achieving better skin.

After reading positive reviews I have just ordered samples of Paula's Choice 1% Beta Hydroxy Acid Lotion, Essential Non-greasy suncreen SPF15 and One Step Face Cleanser.

Has anyone else had similar problems after exposure to the sun? It is well documented that sun exposure is harmful for reasons such as skin cancer, premature ageing and liver spots etc. but my particular problem does not seem to be very well documented.

Also if anyone has any advice for me that would be great. I suppose the obvious thing would be to use a better suncream the next time I go abroad and not to sunbathe (I must admit I love getting a tan which in the long run isn't going to help my skin!)

I've just re-read it and what I've written seems pretty anal and unimportant in the scheme of things (I was in India volunteering helping children who didn't even have enough to eat) so talking about mild skin problems seems rather vain. But it would be nice to clear up my skin so I can get on with the more important things in life.



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