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dry irritated oily skin?

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my skin is so hypersensitive...even if i use a gentle wash now, my skin is extremely tight and dehydrated and irritated...i have no idea how I caused this other than Purpose being the culprite...part of me is considering the only water since it did normalize my skin for quite some time, so I think thats what Ill do...im just worried about the exfoliation...I guess well have to see.

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If you don't want to try any of the products that I suggested to you before, then why don't you go get you some face scrub pads. They are small round pads that you use to exfoliate.. They have like gentle and rough ones, you want the gentle ones obviously.. Then just make sure that you have a good moisturizer with an spf of atleast 15. just wet the pad with warm water and gently rub your face with it for like a minute. Then apply moisturizer.. Since you don't have to remove makeup you can get away with just using water but also being able to exfoliate.. The pads come in like a pack of 12 for $1.50. I used to use these every night when I washed my face before I got pregnant. Once I got pregnant I was no longer alowed to use Salycylic Acid so I just stopped my whole regimen. Now that I have had my baby and have stopped breast feeding, then I can use the SA again so I started my regimen back last night with the Noxema and the scrub pads and I could not believe the difference this morning... My skin is saying thanks for the exfoliation. If you use the pads with warm water then you get what you want.. No chemicals on your face and the ability to remove dry dull dead skin and reveal the new skin much faster.. Just don't scrub hard and use a good moisturizer... Again I swear by the vitamin c moisturizer by avalon organics.. there are no chemicals in it.....Let me show you what my old regimen before i got pregnant did for my skin.. I had bad breakouts on my cheeks and chin until i used this regimen. this picture was taken about a month after i started my regimen. it has not been altered just resized to fit the requirements. my husband took it while i was feeding my son and afterwards he said I just realized how great your skin looks.. what did you do? he never pays attention to what i wash with.. There are lots of great expensive products out there but i can't afford them anymore.. now that i can use sa again i am going back to this.. original noxema. spread noxema all over face, take pad and gently exfoliate for one minute.. rinse.. apply 2% medical grade SA toner made by Glytone.. then apply clean and clear SA gel 2% let dry then apply moisturizer.. i do this day and night except i only use thet pads at night..then i wash the pad out with antibacterial soap and put in a sandwich bag so I can use it more than once..



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