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Y did I have to find out about this now??

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I'm dark skinned (caramel toned), and used a tube of 4% hydroquinone a while back, but I didnt notice any improvement in my marks. I'm currently on accutane, and about two weeks ago I decided to give the hydroquinone another chance (I'm in Canada, so I dont need a prescription)....tried to use it frequently, but wasnt quite religous.

Anywayz, I've noticed (from the past, but even more so recently)...that my face is several shades (and I mean SEVERALshades) darker than the rest of my body....my nose, the area above my lip and around my eyes, around my brows and close to my hairline are NOT hyperpigmented. So it looks like I'm wearing a dirt mask. (cant leave the house without foundation). I assumed that this was due to two years of slathering topicals on my face (benzoyl peroxide, retin A micro, benzaclin, etc).

Then I read this in some site:

Bleaching solutions such as hydroquinone can be useful for people with fair skin, though hydroquinone can sometimes irritate and temporarily redden the skin. This possibility of irritation with hydroquinone makes it unsuitable for people with darker skin tones. It is possible that the irritation associated with hydroquinone can over stimulate the higher concentration of melanocytes found in dark skin types. This can lead to hyperpigmentation (dark spotting).


However, I dont have dark spotting like they mentioned.......but general hyperpigmentation throughout.

Seems like I've been unknowingly darkening my skin. Has any dark skinned person noticed darkening with hydroquinone???

I'm frieking out.........what if the hyperpigmentation is permanent? :surprised::surprised:

This really sucks.

I'm trying to look into natural alternatives. Has anyone had any success with Azelaic acid??

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I dont think you have PERMANENT hyperpigmentation but it is lately that you're going to need a lot of time for your skin to go back to normal. Did you wear sunscreen when you used HQ, or were you exposed to direct sunlight?

I would just go to a derm and see what he/she can do, often HYPERpigmentation problems are quite easy to treat with exfoliation compared to redpigmentation or hypopigmentation.

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tan your body. i sorta have similar problems. but not as noticable.

i used to surf a lot, so my shoulders, face, back, and arms used to be really dark while my chest, ass, and inner arm area were fairly light colored. and wen i say dark, i mean like dark brown... like treated wood. and when i say light, i mean like light tan/off white...

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that really sucks... i feel for u. i am asian but light skinned and when i used it, it lightened my whole face and i felt so odd that my face was shade lighter than my neck. it took several months to go back to normal.... but nevertheless it did. don't worry, it won't be permanent. it'll take some time, but just know that it'll go back to normal eventually.

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