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still not clear after like 6 months...

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Okay so basically, I've been on Accutane since October. I weigh 120lbs, 54 kg i think and im like 5'8 1/2 ish. i started on 30mg, then i think by the end of October i was on 35. I went up to 40mg by the end of December. In Febuary I went up to 50 but had this huge breakout with a type of wierd acne I've never had before so i backed down to 40 after a week. Its April now, going onto like my 6th month total and 4th month on more than half the mg/per kg thing and I'm still getting acne down by my lower jaw area. Its usually nothing major, but its constant, sometimes I'll go a day or 2 maybe without one but most of the time its a new white head in that area everyday and so it creates basically a huge red patch in that area cuz of all the others that were around there. But havent broken out in the areas I broke out most commonly pre-accutane since Febuary, and thats my upper cheek, middle cheek, and that area by your nose and eye. I used to get it really bad in those areas. I use Eucerin 5% Urea moisturizer, which is nice and I dont think its whats causing the breakouts...

In the last 2 weeks I started using Puredeming's Intense Gel, the one with jojoba to help clear away some red marks. In the last 3 days I've started using ACV as a toner in conjunction with it. By the way has does anyone elses face get initially very red for like a good 30 mins after applying ACV? My skin does, and I even have it diluted 50/50.. anyway lol

Basically, I'm going into my 7th month almost and I'm still getting consistent zits, not really breakouts though sometimes I get like 3 or 4 in the same area which I guess is a breakout. Is this normal? I mean I realize I;m on a relatively low dosage. I give kudos to all you who can be on like 60mg and 80mg but I was too scared to face the rest of the IB on 50.. :redface:

And funny enough, everytime I go to the derm my face is clear ish. So she basically gets the impression that my face is gunna clear.

When am I gunna get to finish this crap. I really cant take the dry cracked lips and itching dry skin anymore. I mean is it normal to be on this stuff for 7 to I;m guessing for me now like 9 months?

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ive been on roaccutane since october las yr aswel and i STILL get some zits and im realli itchy n stuff aswel so i kno how u feel! im wondering the same thing about how long iz the max for a person 2 b on this stuff for?? i cant wait 2 b off it so i can go out partyin n drinkin wit mates agin but im also EXTREAMLY scared ov my acne plummeting n goin bak 2 square one agin..i dont think i could handle that. gewd luck anyway :)


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