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The Regimen, moisterisers and oily skin

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I have been using BP to control my acne for a few years now. I found this site sometime last year and I think it is the best site on the internet for information to help acne sufferers. Anyway, as I was saying I had previosly been using BP before I found this site and when I read about the regimen I decided to give it a try because I already knew from using BP myself for quite sometime that it was the best way to keep my acne under control ( I have been on prescription antibiotics and various other presciption topicals that I found were no good for me.)

The only different step that the regimen asked me to perform that I previosly wasn't, was using moisteriser everday and as a person with very oily skin I am very dubious about making my skin look even more greasy, so anyway I looked for a none pore blocking moisteriser and the best one I could find (im from the UK) was Eucerin Face cream w 5% Urea. So I started to follow the regimen strictly, and I admit it felt strange at first especially at night when I performed the regimen to wash my face and to get rid of the excess oil, only to put a moisteriser on my face and make it look oily again. But I persisted anyway because I believed the regimen could work and I knew myself that before I used the regimen, the one negative thing about using BP is the dryness that it causes. Now my skin looks so much better than it did before the regimen and I am glad I could get pass the temptation not to moisterise because as many people with oily skin will know, its the one aspect of the regimen people with oily skin tend to want to leave out. I wanted to post this message for that reason, if you have oily skin you still want to use a moisteriser exactly as the regime advices you too, DONT MISS IT OUT.

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Awesome! Thank you so much for your post.

Many people get confused by the moisturizing step and want to skip it, your post will help encourage others to keep on!


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I had the experience over the years of using BP w/no moisturizer (my oily skin made me afraid of it) and I never had the success I've had with DKR. Moisturizer is such a key step!

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yes the moisturizing is the "DONT MISS OUT" part of regimen!

i guess you can get away not moisturizing at night but i do it anyways

thanks for the info!

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