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the perfect moisturizer

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really excited to tell you all about this here! "perfect" at least for me and my skin type, which is extremely sensitive and still a little beat up from bp that i stopped months ago, you know, easily discolored and red and just strait up not good feeling and looking, from bp and not. i doubt you'll be dissapointed if you try it, i gotta have some RARE skin if this only works like this for me and not you guys. decided to try something other than the usual moisturizers talked about on this board since they all were not working out for me. here it is:


cetaphil and neutrogena and a few others made my skin so red and discolored after putting it on and it never subsided and seemed like it was moisturizing too much. complex 15 seemed to not moisturize enough and just sit on top of my skin, and of course make it red and discolored. both gave either too much or too little. i think you can agree that we need a different level of moisturization at every application of it, its not 100% the same every time we apply moisturizer. this stuff seems to moisturize just as much as you need, not too much and not too little. also leaves my skin so much better looking than all other moisturizers by so far. i thought it wouldnt work out this well because it might have too much stuff in it. has a lot of stuff in it, mostly natural extracts and stuff. been using it for almost 2 wks now. also getting way less actives, and this is the only thing ive changed in the 2wks ive been using it. im clearer than ive been since i started getting acne 7-8 yrs ago. i know this is a big part of it, along with diet and the few supplements ive been taking for the last few months..wanted to make sure it wasnt another false hope before telling you all about it. if you're not happy with your moisturizer you should def try this, i doubt youll be unhappy with it! cheers

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